Green Rambles: All Boxed In

It has been a long time, but I still remember buying my very first ‘proper’ watch, an Omega Seamaster Professional. It came in a beautiful red ‘leather’ box with a cream interior, which made quite an impression on me. It made the watch feel even more luxurious, and I realized then that a box is part of the experience of buying a luxury watch.

Fast forward two decades, and I have a slightly different opinion. This is a very lucky problem to have, but I no longer know what to do with the boxes. Whenever I bought a timepiece in the past, I would take it out of the box as soon as I got home, and then immediately put the box in storage. Usually, the only time that the boxes come out of storage is when I decide to sell the watch.

I know that it is a terrible thing to say, but sometimes the box bothers me even than its worth. Some brands must believe that size matters because their cases are incredibly large. When you collect, you also notice that the majority of brands simply purchase boxes from the same supplier, and there are striking similarities from one to the next.

The thing that still puzzles me is that the brands must know that these large presentation boxes serve little purpose. While I still believe that packaging is an important aspect of the luxury experience, I wish that brands put a more practical spin on it. Some brands offer their watches in nice travel cases, with added room for tools and straps. Maybe they might disappoint those who want the full experience, but to me, I actually get to use and enjoy the case as I enjoy the watch itself.

What are your thoughts on watch boxes? Do you enjoy them, or do you also wish watch brands get a bit more creative with their packaging?

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  1. I am certainly one who is 100% for useful packaging for new watches (made of sustainable materials if possible). Oris’ travel cases is definitely a fine example. Large fancy boxes take up unnecessary storage spaces, are a waste and should not become part of the valuation of watches later on.

  2. Gerry Dimatos

    Rolex watch cases have become worse over the years. They used to be timber on the inside with vinyl on the outside and it was stitched together. Now you get a green plastic case…..
    At the luxury end of the market I demand the full experience…
    The Patek cases are particularly beautiful and give you that sense of occassion…..
    At the lower end it does not matter…..

  3. pete sonich

    I totally agree! I am also a collector and am having a difficult time storing the large boxes.

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