Can You Identify Iconic Watches By Their Hands?

Our latest series of visual quizzes asks: Can you identify well-known watches just by their components? One of the most difficult challenges is to identify a watch solely by the design of its hands, and those who can do so can surely be numbered among the ranks of genuine watch connoisseurs. We’ve illustrated the hands of five famous watches. Test your watch knowledge by naming the watch represented by the handset before clicking through to the next slide that shows the model.

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  1. Leck Tin Heng

    This is definitely much tougher compared with the last quiz on dials. Thanks.

  2. Debashish

    It was quite easy and I could identify all five watches correctly.

  3. Breitling is a dead giveaway. I owned a 5712, my SeaMaster is from 1969(still working…last serviced in 1972), and just can’t see paying more than 12g for a AP Royal Oak, (I only like the Star Wheel.) it just doesn’t do IT for me…

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