Can You Identify Famous Watches By Their Cases?

Can you identify well-known watches just by their components? We’ve illustrated the cases of five famous watches. Tachymeter scales, slide-rule bezels, and shaped cases can play a prominent role in the design of a watch. Test your watch knowledge and name the watch before clicking through to the next slide showing the watch it belongs to.

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  1. Lawrence Burak

    The Watch Brand by Case Challenge was enjoyable but not as challenging as I thought it would be. How about taking it to the next level or two with A Naming of the Watch Brand by Movement Challenge?

  2. Gary Jones

    That was fun , you should do more like this , maybe close up shots of certain watches and then have us guess them

  3. Leck Tin Heng

    5 out of 5 right as it was quite easy. Thanks and quite interesting quiz for watch lover to test their knowledge but I think it will be most difficult with movement.

  4. Michael

    Wasn’t too sure about the Breitling…only own a PP 5712

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