Back in Black: MeisterSinger Bell Hora

As a nod to the history of timekeeping and a tribute to the brand’s 20th anniversary, MeisterSinger introduced the magnificent Bell Hora last year with a sonnerie au passage function. This rare function earned the single-hand timepiece that chimes the passage of the hour even a nomination for the GPGH in the fall of 2021 and a Red Dot award.

Taking its inspiration from traditional clock towers, it produces just a single chime at the top of each hour, unlike a repeater complication that announces the exact hour through the matching number of chimes. At the heart of this complication is a module with a strike mechanism that is produced by MeisterSinger and added to the SW 200-1 base caliber. The automatic movement ticks behind an intriguing vintage-style dial that is now available in a black iteration with gold-colored elements. 

The design of the wide watch face, with two-digit numbers in a beautiful vintage font, is well balanced down to the smallest detail. Based on a historical model from the late 19th century, the 24 numbers, one for each hour of the day, are arranged to follow the course of a coil spring. 

The Bell Hora is equipped with a leather strap and retails for approximately $3,980 when converted to USD.

To learn more, visit MeisterSinger, here.

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