A Monster Launch: Omega’s New Speedy Tuesday 42mm “Ultraman” Limited Edition Sells Out in Under Two Hours

If you weren’t one of the early risers who fired off an order for one on Omega’s Instagram page this morning, you’ve likely already missed out on the latest “Speedy Tuesday” model from the brand’s Speedmaster collection. Officially dubbed the Omega Speedmaster Limited Edition 42mm “Ultraman” and inspired by a historically significant model from 1967, the watch sold out its run of 2,012 pieces in just under two hours (one hour, 53.17 minutes, to be precise).

Omega Speedy Tuesday Ultraman - front
Omega Speedmaster 42mm Limited Edition “Ultraman”

In the event that one of those 2,012 pre-orders is eventually dropped (we’re told it does happen on occasion), and you’re still interested in obtaining one of these timepieces, read on for some detailed info. To start with the basics: “Speedy Tuesday” (or “#speedytuesday, if you will) refers to the series of articles on the iconic Omega Speedmaster model that have been a longtime fixture of online watch publication, founded and headed up by watch journalist and Speedmaster enthusiast Robert-Jan Broer. The “Ultraman” in question refers to the titular character of a 1970s Japanese sci-fi series — regarded as a classic in the Japanese Kaiju genre — about a super-hero who battles giant monsters with the aid of a military-style Monster Attack Team. The new watch takes its design cues from an Omega Speedmaster “Moonwatch” of 1967 vintage that the show’s production team used to equip its heroic monster fighters, which made its memorable debut in the series’ fourth installment, “The Return of Ultraman.” Collectors prized that model for its telltale orange seconds hand, which matched with the orange jumpsuits worn by the team (the Monster Attack Team, of course, not the production team).

Omega Speedy Tuesday Ultraman - reclining
The orange seconds hand matches the one on the 1967 original.

The Speedy Tuesday “Ultraman” edition duplicates that emblematic seconds hand down to its exact dimensions and orange hue and expands the theme with a black tachymeter bezel in anodized aluminum with orange text, as well as with an orange racing stripe on the black NATO strap (an additional black leather strap, as seen in the photo below, is also included). Orange is also used for the “Speedmaster” script under the period-appropriate historical Omega logo, the tips of the hour indices.

Additionally, Omega has included some modern touches to drive home the model’s vintage-inspired provenance, including the first three-minute segment of the chronograph subdial at 3 o’clock in orange, which is an uber-nerdy reference to Ultraman’s ability to remain in super-hero mode for just three minutes before reverting back to human; and a hidden silhouette of the character’s distinctive (to fans, anyway) head profile in the small seconds subdial at 9 o’clock, which can be viewed by using a special tool included with the watch. Designed to resemble the Beta Capsule that Ultraman’s human host, Shin Hayata, used to transform into the giant hero, it features a UV lamp on one end that reveals the image when it shines on the dial.

Omega Speedy Tuesday Ultraman - soldier
Ultraman’s head silhouette appears in the subdial at 9 o’clock, visible under a UV light.

The Beta Capsule tool also doubles as a strap-changer, allowing the wearer to swap back and forth between the NATO and the leather strap, and thus “transform” his watch much like Ultraman changed from normal human to super-powered monster battler. The solid caseback bears engraved details including “#SpeedyTuesday,” the watch’s limited edition number, and the inscription “QUALIFIED BY NASA FOR ALL MANNED SPACE MISSIONS,” signifying it as a descendant of the watch that went to the moon and assuring us that, for all of its science fiction-inspired flourishes, Omega hasn’t forgotten or ignored this model’s impressive history in science fact.

Omega Speedy Tuesday Ultraman - caseback
The caseback features the engraved Moonwatch inscription, along with other details identifying the watch as a limited edition.

One final reference to the TV show’s mythology can be spotted in the packaging — a hexagonal box that references the contours of the futuristic table at the secret headquarters of Ultraman’s Monster Attack Team and includes, as previously mentioned, the Beta Capsule strap changing tool and additional leather strap. If you do manage to wrangle your way onto the list to purchase one, the Speedmaster Limited Edition 42mm “Ultraman” is listed at $7,100. If you can’t, and at one point are motivated enough to seek it out on the secondary market, we’re guessing it will be “ultra” expensive in comparison.

Omega Speedy Tuesday Ultraman - box
The hexagonal shape of the box is another reference to an element from the 1970s “Ultraman” TV series.


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  1. And I got the email at 03:27 PT (coincides with Marc). Just happened to be up at 04:00 and they were all gone. More people are awake in the GMT zone so they probably reserved them all.

  2. Omega really needs to fix this process. I was hitting their page within 15 minutes of receiving their email at 6:27 ET only to be told all the numbers were allocated.

    • More difficult than trying to get tickets for the super bowl. Now truely a valuable collector’s item

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