WatchTime Spotlight: The History of Vacheron Constantin Watches

WatchTime's Free Download is about Vacheron Constantin watches.Vacheron Constantin is regarded by many watch aficionados as a pioneer in the precise manufacture of mechanical watch movements. This free download, WatchTime Spotlight: Vacheron Constantin, collects two WatchTime feature stories about Vacheron Constantin watches.

Even in the traditional Swiss watchmaking industry, it’s impressive when, like Vacheron Constantin, a manufacture can look back on more than a quarter of a millennium of watchmaking. Our story takes you from the first steps in 1755, when the business was born and the first Vacheron Constantin pocket watch appeared, through 1888, when the first wristwatches joined the brand’s collection, all the way through to today, when the demand for Vacheron Constantin watches has led to an increase in production.

The first story of this double feature, written by watch expert (and regular WatchTime contributor) Gisbert L. Brunner, traces Vacheron Constantin’s fascinating and far-reaching history in the watch business. Expand your knowledge about the history of Vacheron Constantin by downloading this free compilation now.


WatchTime Spotlight: Vacheron Constantin can be downloaded here:

The second part of this double feature focuses on the three major watch lines of Vacheron Constantin: Patrimony, Malte and Overseas. Each of Vacheron Constantin’s three chief lines is distinguished by its own unique character, whether elegant, complicated, or sporty. This feature article by WatchTime contributor Alexander Krupp covers the gamut of Vacheron Constantin watches, identifying the models known for their distinctly classical appearance, those whose additional functions make them particularly interesting, and those best suited to accompany their wearer in athletic activities and leisure pursuits. You can read the full story by downloading WatchTime Spotlight: Vacheron Constantin now!


WatchTime Spotlight: Vacheron Constantin can be downloaded here:

In this FREE download, you’ll learn more about:

  • The history of Vacheron Constantin
  • Vacheron Constantin’s major watch lines: Patrimony, Malte, Overseas

If you’d like to learn more about both the history and the modern timepieces of Vacheron Constantin, don’t hesitate to download this FREE double feature now.

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This promotional article was originally published in 2015 and has been updated.

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