Omega Watches: From the Seamaster to the Omega PloProf to the Omega Skyfall

Omega Watches: From the Seamaster to the Omega PloProf to the Omega Skyfall
Omega, James Bond and the quest to create the best dive watch ever

The history of Omega watches is about more than just calibers and complications. It’s about the quest to create the best dive watch for professional and military divers as well as for James Bond. Omega has answered that challenge with its now-iconic Seamaster model, introduced in 1957.

It’s about the new passion for the Omega Skyfall watch, even as vintage Omega watches continue to inspire modern creations like the new Omega Ploprof, a recreation of a classic Seamaster watch.

It’s about tritium, white gold and seahorses.

And WatchTime, the world’s foremost authority on Omega watches, has created this Special Report, Omega Watches: From the Seamaster to the Omega PloProf to the Omega Skyfall, for all connoisseurs of Omega watches to download and read FREE right now.

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James Bond, Omega and modern marketing

For newer fans, Omega, James Bond and the recent Omega Skyfall watch are synonymous. And stealing Bond, James Bond, from Rolex – the watches worn by the famous spy in Ian Fleming’s books and in early movies – has proven lucrative indeed. Since 2002, Omega has produced limited editions of its Seamaster watches bearing the 007 logo, matte black dials and other features aimed at capturing a new market with every new film celebrating James Bond.

Omega is more than just 007, of course, and WatchTime’s world-class watch journalists have produced a comprehensive Special Report that traces the entire history of the company’s quest to create the best dive watch in the world. Read Omega Watches: From the Seamaster to the Omega PloProf to the Omega Skyfall now to trace the relationship between Omega’s first dive watch, the Marine, to the original Seamaster, the Omega ProProf, and the most recent James Bond Seamaster, the Omega Skyfall.

Discuss Omega watches like a longtime collector

WatchTime, a leader in the world of watch journalism, knows that any time two Omega watch lovers get together, the discussion runs deep. That’s why WatchTime has compiled this series of articles, filled with details that only true connoisseurs of Omega watches would know – details like …

  • Why the first Omega dive watch struggled to catch on with divers
  • The features that boosted the Seamaster to early popularity
  • Why the seahorse wears a bridle
  • The evolving style of a timepiece that fans proclaim the best dive watch ever
  • How a partnership with dive company Comex gave birth to the Omega PloProf
  • Which vintage Omega watches appeal to discerning collectors
  • How James Bond, Omega and great marketing produced the Omega Skyfall watch


…Plus many more intriguing facts about Omega, James Bond, the Mariner, the Omega Ploprof and other Omega watches! When you read this Special Report from WatchTime, you’ll treasure the details and in-depth history it delivers. Read Omega Watches: From the Seamaster to the Omega PloProf to the Omega Skyfall now and …

  • Understand the history of these popular timepieces
  • Discover the engineering genius of Omega designers
  • Enjoy the inside secrets of Omega, James Bond and the watches inspired by themovies
  • Perfect your knowledge of the watches you love
  • Benefit from detailed reports on mechanisms and special features
  • Be knowledgeable in conversation with other watch lovers
  • Choose the perfect Omega watches for your lifestyle


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The details that make Omega watches desired around the world

As a leading authority on fine watches, WatchTime knows exactly what collectors and admirers want to know about their favorite timepieces. In Omega Watches: From the Seamaster to the Omega PloProf to the Omega Skyfall, we deliver a full report on how Omega’s mission to create a watch for divers led to it becoming the official watch of James Bond.

Along the way, we find how the Omega PloProf, which debuted in 1970, impressed divers and collectors with its new monocoque case, milled from one complete piece of metal; its red security button on the side of the case, unlocking the diver’s bezel; and its square crown on the left-hand side, sealed by a fluted compression nut. It was this watch that solved the helium problem suffered by even the best dive watch available at the time.

Other vintage Omega watches made for divers include the Seamaster Automatic 120m, introduced in 1972, the first watch to have non-screwed buttons that could be used underwater without danger of water getting in the case, even at the maximum depth of 120 meters.

Then, of course, there was the three-hand version of the Seamaster that debuted on the wrist of Pierce Brosnan, as James Bond, in 1995’s Goldeneye. It was a marketing coup for Omega: James Bond even used the watch to escape death in the film. WatchTime reports that in 1996 alone, the company sold 10 times more Omega PloProfs than in 1995.

If you enjoy the tuxedo-black dial and the 007 logo, the Omega James Bond watch and the details that make it famous are must-reads in this free download.

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Rich images and insider secrets – only from WatchTime

If you are interested in Omega watches, you’ll surely want to download this Omega special immediately. After all, it comes from WatchTime, creator of the world’s largest watch database, and staffed by American and European watch journalists who are experts in the field.

You’ll enjoy the images collected for this special report, such as the Seamaster 120m Chrono from 1972, the first chronograph to function at 120 meters’ depth. Then, for Omega Skyfall enthusiasts, there’s the James Bond Omega watch for collectors: the limited-edition Seamaster Professional Diver with a black dial.

WatchTime also shares more milestones in the history of the Seamaster, including the tale of “the dolphin man,” who wore it on a 101-meter, one-breath dive in 1971. Then there are the details specific to the Omega Skyfall watch, from the 42-mm brushed and polished stainless-steel case and a matching, patented screw-and-pin bracelet to the rhodium-plated hands, coated with white Super-LumiNova.

You’ll find this information collected in only one place: WatchTime’s Special Report, Omega Watches: From the Seamaster to the Omega PloProf to the Omega Skyfall. It’s absolutely free, and there are no strings attached. Please read it, enjoy it and tell your friends about it!


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Can you call yourself a true Omega connoisseur … feel confident that you’re making the right choice in selecting your first or next Omega … express your personality and status with exactly the right model … discuss Omega intelligently … without reading this quintessential report on iconic Omega watches, including the Omega Skyfall, inspired by the most recent Bond film?

Whether you’re a long-time admirer or a newcomer attracted to the brand by the Omega Skyfall, you have nothing to lose by downloading this information-packed free WatchTime report right now. What you’ll gain is a deeper understanding and an abiding appreciation for the watches worn by James Bond, Omega history and everything related to this famous brand.

We hope you’ll download it right now, because we’ve put all our expertise and admiration for Omega watches into this free report. It’s our gift to fellow Omega fans, and we know you’ll enjoy it. Don’t wait – dive into Omega watches now!

PS: Did we mention that WatchTime’s Special Report, Omega Watches: From the Seamaster to the Omega PloProf to the Omega Skyfall is completely free?

This article was originally published on April 21, 2013, and has been updated.

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  2. I have a new Omega Seamaster 300 m, blue dial.
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