Grand Seiko Watches Go Global: Exploring the Most Prestigious Seiko Watch

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To most Americans, Seiko watches are known as affordable quartz timepieces, but in recent years watch enthusiasts have discovered other styles of Seiko watches, most notably the prestigious Grand Seiko collection, which contains Japanese-made mechanical movements. In fact, Seiko began making mechanical pocketwatches in 1895, and made the first mechanical Seiko wristwatches in 1913 – meaning the Japanese brand has been at it longer than most Swiss watch companies.

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Today, no less than four timekeeping technologies are found at Seiko: Kinetic, Spring Drive, quartz, and, of course, mechanical. The Seiko Kinetic and Spring Drive technologies are exclusive to the Japanese company. Over the years, the brand has produced numerous groundbreaking models, both ladies’ and mens’; Seiko watches that have generated collector enthusiasm include the Seiko Velatura and Seiko Ananta. (At the 2013 Baselworld, in which Seiko celebrated its 100th anniversary of making wristwatches, Seiko launched, among other new Seiko watches, a new version of its Seiko Ananta, the Seiko Ananta Chronograph with Caliber 8R28.)

But it is the all-mechanical Grand Seiko, which debuted in Tokyo in 1960, that enjoys akin to cult status among many collectors. “Seiko makes the best mechanical watch in the world. I hate to say it, but it’s true.” This quote, our story reveals, was uttered by the CEO of a Swiss watch brand and refers to the Japanese-made Grand Seiko.

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50 years ago, you had to go to Japan to buy the Grand Seiko, but since 2010, Seiko began selling the Grand Seiko — which represents the highest tier of horology in Seiko watches —  in 20 world markets, including the United States. In our story, you’ll discover the exotic Japanese origins and high-horology dedication like hand-made manufacture movements with Seiko-made components — that have made the Grand Seiko a sought-after collectible for aficionados of men’s Seiko watches.

Joe Thompson, the editor-in-chief of WatchTime, the most respected watch magazine in the industry, visited the Seiko factory, interviewed executives and got the detailed story of this historic Japanese manufacture and its development of the Grand Seiko. And it’s all yours for FREE.

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  • How the global success of watches like the Seiko Kinetic inspired Seiko to bring the Grand Seiko to more markets

In addition, you’ll find an interview with Seiko CEO Shinji Hattori about Seiko watches and their new markets.

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This promotional article was originally published in 2013 and has been updated.

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