Visiting Vacheron: A Photo and Video Essay, Part II

Vacheron’s instantly-recognizable headquarters is located in Plan-les-Ouates in the canton of Geneva, just a few miles outside the city. This beautiful building is where Vacheron designs and assembles its timepieces, using parts manufactured in Le Sentier and those provided by specialty suppliers.

Vacheron Constantin headquarters
Vacheron Constantin headquarters interior
Vacheron Constantin headquarters interior

In the ateliers, movements are assembled to ensure quality and precise fits, then each movement is disassembled, cleaned, and assembled a second time.

Movement assembly
Movement assembly

Assembled movements then go to the réglage atelier where the escapements are installed and the movements are regulated for timekeeping accuracy using Witschi machines. Movements are adjusted until the meet Vacheron’s standard of 0 to +5 seconds per day average in five positions.

Movement regulation

An assortment of finished movements on display.
Finished movements

Our next stop is the complications atelier. Each high complication, such as minute repeaters and perpetual calendars, is assembled, regulated and cased entirely by a single watchmaker.

High complications on display. At the top right is the Patrimony Traditionelle Calibre 2755 Boutique New York unique piece with tourbillon, a perpetual calendar, and a minute repeater. In the video that accompanies this section of the story, you can hear the minute repeater.

High complications
Patrimony Traditionelle Calibre 2755 Boutique New York

Hugues de Pins examines the Traditionelle Calibre 2755 Boutique New York.
Hugues de Pins with the Calibre 2755 Boutique New York

Our final stop is the Atelier des Métiers d’Art, where skilled artisans create miniature works of art using enameling, guilloché, engraving, hand skeletonizing, and diamond-setting.

An enamel dial in process.
Enamel dial

Sample dials and techniques.
Samples of dials and techniques

Sample dials and techniques

Intricate and complex dragon dials, created for the Hong Kong boutique.
Dragon dials

Rose engines for creating guilloché.
Rose engine

Rose engine

An engraver’s bench.
Engraver's bench

Engraving detail

Hugues de Pins admires the work.
Hugues de Pins admires engraver's work

On Hugues’ wrist, the Patrimony Traditionelle World Time.
Hugues Wrist Shot

Engraving and skeletonization samples.
Sample work

Take a video tour of the Vacheron Constantin headquarters (4:18).

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