WatchTime E-Special: Starter Watches

WT_TP_Starters-Watches_Cover150WatchTime’s latest digital exclusive, WatchTime E-Special: Starter Watches is now available on the WatchTime app! Download the app on the Google Play store or the iTunes App store to read this special issue showcasing three budget-friendly watches for new collectors.

In the Starter Watches special issue, WatchTime’s Alexander Krupp tests a trio of entry-level timepieces from Rolex, Panerai, and IWC that offer access to the luxury-watch world for a modest price.

The issue is available via the WatchTime app, for Android and iOS devices.

Also available are WatchTime E-Special: “Inside Rolex”, WatchTime E-Special: “Omega Speedmaster”, WatchTime E-Special: Dive-Watch Double Feature, WatchTime E-Special: Pilots’ Watches, WatchTime E-Special: Breitling Triple Feature, and WatchTime E-Special: Omega Milestones.


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  1. I agree with Steve on “starter” watches as a collector myself , I think “basic luxury” is a good starting point.

  2. Steve Cseplo

    Rolex, Panerai and IWC, hardly what I would call “starter” watches. Maybe starters for the brands or top one percenters but the other 99%?

    Hamilton, Oris and Ball are much more what I would call starters.

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