Renato Watches Launches Master Horologe Swiss Made Collection

150After seven years in business, Renato Watches, a brand known chiefly for modestly priced timepieces sold on ShopNBC, is stepping into the higher-end, Swiss-made watch arena with the introduction of the Renato Master Horologe Swiss Made collection. The line will offer watches with complications at affordable prices, with each watch being produced as a limited edition of 99 pieces.

Headlining the new collection is the Renato Master Horologe Mostro MKII. The hexagonal case, in 316L stainless steel, houses a multi-layered dial, highlighted by a big date at 1 o’clock and a retrograde day indication with a small hand pointing to the day of the week, inscribed on lines radiating from the center of the subdial at 12 o’clock, which snaps back to Monday after reaching midnight Sunday. The lower half of the dial has a small seconds subdial at 6 o’clock and two diamond accents on either side.

The Mostro MKII is powered by a Swiss-made quartz movement, and also features Swiss-developed PVD plating on the case. The limited-edition watch is available in a variety of PVD finishes and retails for $1,495. More versions of the Mostro can be seen on


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  1. I have a beautiful white ceramic Renato watch with blue topaz on the face that I paid $2000.00 for in 2016,(?) It doesn’t work and my jewelry wants nothing to do with it per the reputation of your company. How can I get it fixed, please

  2. Angel rios

    In need of a precious timepiece from renato. Repaired.
    I need 4 links thank you
    Model #: G10.211
    R2453 rubber integration
    Thank you

  3. Mike Van Hook

    Cyclops watch need to replace alligator leather strap and replace the battery

  4. Joseph Young


  5. john molyneux

    i have just bought the Renato Cougar automatic watch.i was watching the V Channel when i seen this watch come up,it was limited edition to 75 pieces.i was very impressed with what i seen and really liked the look of the watch but for me,it was the shape of it,the chunkiness,the weight and the sheer attractiveness of it that really inspired me to buy it.however,i left it till there was only 2 watches left when it just went off the screen and two other watches appeared.i was beside myself as i knew that this was the watch i’ve been waiting to come accross,it really did look top quality.anyway,i rang V Channel and explained that there was two left when it went off screen and asked if they had gone,the telephonist said they still had the two left,one with the black face and one with the blue face,i immediately said i’d have the blue one.My watch came in superfast time and i have to say on opening the box i was delirious in excited anticipation as to if it would look as good as it did when i seen it on screen and omg,it was by far better than what i thought.everything about this watch is quality.the packaging,the sheer weight of it and of course the shape is just yet i have not been out with it on,indeed i’m still admiring it in the box but i know when i do wear it when going out ,i am going to get loads of compliments.i don’t know alot about Renato Watches but this watch looks top drawer,i hope it lives up to my first impressions of is swiss made and hand made and has a 5 year warranty which reads very good for any repairs which Renato will repair free of charge unless of course,it has been damaged by the owner.
    I have many watches,Constantin Weisz,Invicta,Klaus Kobek,among others,but i have to say that this watch is by far the most stunning watch i’ve ever had and is thoroughly impressive.i would recommend to anyone.
    If you buy one,believe me,when you open it you’ll be more than pleased.To say that this watch is “impressive” is an understatement as i’m sure you’ll see if you buy one,obviously it won’t be exactly the same as my watch was strictly “75 pieces only” but i’m sure that any of the range you would be delighted with.
    I would recommend this watch to anyone and i’m more than sure you won’t be disappointed.
    I hope my review is of help to anyone who is considering buying a Renato watch.

  6. Charles Rizzuto

    As I recall, Daniel Mink had some affiliation with Renato watches. I don’t know if he helped to establish the watch company, or designed the watches at one point. I do know that Daniel Mink’s own watches are no longer heard of, unfortunately. He seemed to concentrate more on quality than quantity. Can you tell me if Daniel Mink is still associated with Renato or another watch company, and will Renato watches begin concentrating on mechanical movements as opposed to quartz that at one point dominated their timepieces? Thank you, Charles Rizzuto

    • Jason Francisco

      Hi Charles,

      You’re right! Mink is both co-founder & designer of Renato watches, and he is still involved with the brand. At this point, we don’t know if they’ll be concentrating on mechanical over quartz going forward, but if they make such an announcement we’ll keep you guys posted. The watch shown above is quartz, however.

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