Orbita Launches Carolo Watchwinder

150Orbita, which specializes in luxury watch winders for both automatic and manual wristwatches, will introduce its new Carolo Watchwinder in spring 2013. Based on a unique carousel design, the Carolo Watchwinder holds six watches in the starter base unit and will retail for $4,995.00. The North Carolina-based company plans to start shipping the winders this spring.

The distinctive, hexagonal case is mounted on a ball-bearing turntable which allows the case to be effortlessly rotated by hand, providing easy access to the six heads to facilitate loading and unloading watches. Housed within the hexagon-shaped case are six long-life Lithium Thionyl batteries. Each battery is connected individually to its corresponding hard drive, each of which has its own power and programming switches.


The top cover and all the vertical faces are made with carbon fiber panels, while its other surfaces are covered in a high-gloss black piano finish. The Carolo Watchwinder can also be expanded by stacking add-on units above the base unit, building up to four levels for a total of 24 individually powered winding stations.

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  1. P.J.Kirkhorn

    Watch winders,dosn’t any-one make a winder in the U.S. for around $3 or $4 hundred dollars,chinese junk for a hundren or two,or $5000.00,you can buy a nice watch for that.

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