Luminox Founder Launches Szanto, New Vintage-Inspired Watch Collection

Szanto_2251_large-2150Szanto (pronounced Sahn-tow) is a new brand of vintage-inspired timepieces designed by watch-industry veteran Barry Cohen, founder and owner of Luminox . Seeing the trend toward vintage looks in the watch world and elsewhere, Cohen developed his new watch brand with an eye toward designs with an early-20th century flavor, particularly those of classical military watches. The new American watch takes its moniker, Szanto, from an old family name.

Szanto timepieces, according to Cohen, will combine the larger dimensions of contemporary watches with aesthetic touches that recall those of vintage watches.

“Looking at the many beautiful vintage timepieces from esteemed high-end brands brought us to the realization that as gorgeous as they are, most people will never be able to own one, because they are so expensive,” Cohen said in a release. “Szanto fills this void, offering wonderful looking vintage design watches at very accessible prices.”Szanto_2251Szanto_1104

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  1. edward bruce

    I have a Szanto 5002 dive watch. I would like to know what movement is inside and the battery #. It is almost dead. I will purchase a new battery before opening the watch. thanks.

  2. Marius Szanto

    Dear Ryan,
    I have just read about the Szanto watches which I did not know existed.If you still have the one you won and want to sell it, please send me a picture of it and your price. I am based in Germany,where are you?
    Best regards,

  3. Szanto sounds like to Hungarian family name spelled as SZÁNTÓ I don’t understand why it is written SZANTO (if it refers to the same) but maybe it is easier to sell with a more uniform name.

    Watches look sleek, and as I am also Hungarian I would definitely buy one… they must look great on G10 strap as well…

      • I just got a 1000 series #1005 they are $225 on amazon, I don’t wear watches but it looks nice. I won it from Marlboro, I will probably try to sell it.

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