Dive Watch Wednesday: Collecting the World’s Smallest Dive Watches

Miniature Dive Watch CollectionThere is good news for all those watch enthusiasts struggling with watch sizes beyond 42 mm… and even better news for boys-at-heart that occasionally recall their beloved Hasbro “G.I. Joe Hard Hat Diver” figure from 1968 (that’s Ref. 7620, should you be wondering about it right now): Not unlike the available after-market parts and accessories for our beloved watches, there are also a lot of accessories available for those 12-inch action figures.

You can not only find just about any (amazingly detailed) piece of miniaturized military equipment, clothing, and other extras, but also a surprisingly large selection of scaled-down wristwatches as well — most of them clearly identifiable as dive watches. You can even choose between (real!) Velcro straps, hard plastic, or standard rubber, and at least one model can be quite easily identified as a Luminox thanks to the hint of a logo on the tiny dial.

So, if you happen to be a collector of these 12-inch figures, isn’t it time to think about that second collection of watches? And if you are more into the Lego Minifigures, don’t worry: there’s at least one watch and one dive computer already available from many third party suppliers as well.

And if you work within the watch industry, maybe it’s time to think about missed product placement opportunities. Or how else can you explain an SLC “Maiale” kit in 1/35th-scale from Italeri without Panerai watches on the wrists of the divers, or quite a few of the lunar landing kits not containing an Omega Speedmaster? Sometimes it really is not the size of the toys that separates the boys from the men.


Miniature Dive Watch Collection

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