Dive Watch Specials: Discover the Most Dangerous Dive Watch Ever Made

Sicura Safari watch with fold-out Victorinox knifeA couple of weeks ago, the watch brand Artya presented a fold-out knife strap buckle for its eccentric range of watches (which the brand’s own representatives refer to as “crazy projects,” occasionally). The idea instantly reminded me of an unfortunately much more serious attempt at bringing together two iconic Swiss products: the Safari dive watch from the 1970s. And even though it was the Victorinox Swiss Army brand (which happens to be celebrating its 25th anniversary of making Victorinox Swiss Army watches this year) that supplied the blade, it is not Victorinox that would today have to answer the justified question, “What were you thinking?!” but rather the defunct (since 1979) watch company, Sicura. Sure, it certainly is never a bad idea for a diver to carry a knife, but how could anyone ever think of integrating such a small blade into a watch case? Especially on the wrong side of the case?

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  1. Robin Henry

    Thank goodness this watch has been and apparently gone. I can see another annoying consequence for air travellers as anyone with a large watch is asked to, “Please hand me your watch for inspection”, had it been a contemporary issue.

  2. Howard Carson

    It’s the Victorinox 125th anniversary, not the 25th. That doesn’t alter the fact that the Sicura watch was ridiculous. Funny article.

    • Howard,
      Thanks a lot for your feedback. To mark the 25th anniversary of its watchmaking activities, Victorinox Swiss Army recently presented a limited edition of the Dive Master in titanium. Victorinox itself is celebrating its 130th anniversary.
      Best regards

  3. William E Handy Jr

    My two most obsessive addictions… knives and watches! I am now on a hunt for the Safari! But please don’t hold back, show us the Artya knife/clasp!

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