Baselworld 2015: The Tissot Vintage Collection (Updated with Live Photo)

Tissot also provides a thinner, quartz version of the Vintage, for both men and women. The quartz watch is true to its name, with a very simple, retro appearance. Thin batons mark the hours and no numerals appear. The dial does not have the guilloche of the automatic, but instead is offered in a flat white, a fumé or a sunburst silver color.

Tissot Vintage YG3 560 Tissot Vintage RG3 560 Tissot Vintage RG Smoke 560As with the automatic watch, all quartz models have faceted dauphine hands, central seconds, and a date window at 3 o’clock.

The ladies’ version also comes in quartz or automatic, and includes engraving on the mother-of-pearl dial:

Tissot Vintage Lady 560


All of the watches are water resistant to 30 meters. They come on a leather strap with butterfly clasp. The Vintage collection starts at $2,500. It will be available in April.

Tissot Vintage YG Glamor 560


We had a chance to see all of Tissot’s new watches for 2015, including the Vintage collection pieces, at the Baselworld watch fair. Below is a shot snapped at the fair showing how the fumé-dial version looks on the wrist.

Tissot Vintage collection - wrist
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  1. Debashish

    i like Tissot watches, as these lovely watches do not cost an arm and a leg.

  2. I’m not understanding something here, if it’s the same movement as the Powermatic 80 chronometer why is it not COSC certified? Did Tissot just not submit it for testing at the COSC or is there something more to it than that? Thanks….

  3. srhardy

    These are nice. If priced right! I don’t care about COSC certification, don’t know who does as its more a marketing thing. But antimagnetic, shock, water and longer intervals off wrist without having to manually adjust is great things we buyers do look for!

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