Introducing the VIITA TITAN HRV Smartwatch

As a specialist in wearables with a longstanding passion for high-quality watches, Martin Konrad (CEO of VIITA Watches) noticed something: There are no smartwatches made using high-grade materials like titanium, ceramic, and sapphire crystal, or smartwatches featuring a water resistance of up to 10 ATM. For Konrad and his team, it was clear that a watch had to both be smart and possess the qualities of a classic luxury timepiece at a price that will turn the smartwatch industry upside down. To top it off, a unique algorithm was developed that measured stress and water consumption, providing individual athletic training recommendations. Soon after, in 2016, VIITA Watches was founded in Austria.

Kickstarter – A Brilliant Start

Martin Konrad and his team seem to have hit a nerve with this concept. Their first Kickstarter campaign hit the required sum of € 20,000 in less than 90 minutes. In the end, the funding goal was exceeded by over 1600%.

A Complete Success – Already in 2017

At the end of 2017, the first collections were launched on Indiegogo. The project was fully funded within 24 hours and ultimately exceeded the funding target by more than 700%. The current collections are available at,,, Intersport and over 100 jewelers throughout the DACH region.

Titanium, ceramics, sapphire crystal and 10 ATM

With its new model, TITAN HRV, the Austrian company sets a high standard for the smartwatch industry. Featuring a first-grade titanium (aviation standard) body, a bezel out of zirconia ceramic Zr02, a sapphire crystal touch screen, and 10 ATM water resistance, the TITAN HRV has everything that matters for a watch enthusiast. The unique algorithm that measures stress, regeneration, water consumption and builds an individual training recommendation is the final addition that completes the package.

How is the VIITA Titan HRV Different from other Smartwatches?

  • A case made of high-grade titanium (aviation standard)
  • A bezel made of zirconia ceramic Zr02
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal touchscreen
  • 10 ATM waterproof
  • Aircraft aluminum back cover
  • Integrated GPS and GLONASS
  • A stable construction, designed in Austria
  • Up to 2 weeks battery life with 24/7 HRV measurement
  • Proprietary operating-system based on Nucleus RTOS
  • Health screening in real time
  • Individual training recommendation on the basis of the current condition (output of a specific pulse range for endurance sports and intensity for weight training)
  • Measurement of water consumption
  • Clear and easy-to-use smartphone app
  • iOS and Android compatible

Redefining Smartwatches

If you missed the opportunity to get a VIITA Titan HRV smartwatch at its discounted pre-order price you will now have a second chance. VIITA Watches launches its third crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on  October 9, 2018.

The campaign is called “TITAN HRV – Redefining Smartwatches,” because there is no smartwatch with this combination of premium materials, artificial intelligence, and smart functions. The TITAN HRV will be offered for an exclusive pre-sale price of $329 USD instead of $819 USD, limited to a few pieces, directly and without intermediaries.

Visit the Indiegogo site for VIITA Watches’ “TITAN HRV – Redefining Smartwatches” campaign.

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  1. Peter Black

    I bought viita’s titan hrv during its Kickstarter campaign and have had nothing but trouble. Firstly viita doesn’t answer support emails, the watch doesn’t show 12-hr time even though it’s set in the app, it’s constantly showing a screen I don’t want, it often shows a charging error, after trying to reset the watch it won’t pair with the iOS app, the raise to wake is so slow as to be useless, the magnetic band loosens on its own – and did I mention that viita doesn’t respond to support emails? Stay away.

  2. Richard Rendon

    Do you ship to MEXICO (Mazatlán), how long is the warranty good for, what is your return policy?

  3. I just want to check, as it’s really not clear from the article, does the watch utilise titanium, ceramic and sapphire at all?

    • Tell me you are being sarcastic?

      If not, here:

      “How is the VIITA Titan HRV Different from other Smartwatches:
      •A case made of high-grade titanium (aviation standard)
      •A bezel made of zirconia ceramic Zr02
      •Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal touchscreen
      •10 ATM waterproof…”

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