Every Journey is Better Shared: Toc Watch Introduces the Ulysses

Toc Watch is back and this time around it has something for every watch lover. Toc released its first watch last July with the Toc19, and now, the brand has customers in 37 different countries. It’s hard not to be impressed by that, given the two-man team at the helm of the brand. In the past nine months, the watches have been worn by bloggers, TV presenters, professional rugby players, and NBA players across the globe, and we can see why.

Toc Ulysses Blue - 40mm - Wrist
Toc Ulysses Deep Blue – 40mm

Toc’s two designs are about individual expression; about choosing a style that suits where the wearer is in their personal and professional life. The latest Toc watch, the Ulysses, introduces an entirely new design into the brand’s lineup. It combines vintage style and modern colors in a way that draws you in completely. The sheen of the dial jumps off the wrist and is bound to draw envious stares from any angle.

Side view of the Toc Ulysses 40 mm timepiece

Toc chose the name Ulysses as it carries a powerful story of its own. Inspired by James Joyce’s seminal work, Toc — which, like Joyce, has Irish blood — mirrors the central character in Joyce’s book on a journey of discovery. And, like so many journeys taken before, it requires going into the unknown and adapting to each experience for proper growth.

Toc Ulysses Red - 40mm
Toc Ulysses Crimson Red – 40mm

Toc has never been shy of a challenge and that’s why the Ulysses is a bigger and more complete project. The brand encourages feedback and values customer engagement. Requests for certain design variations have been met, such as two new case sizes and the addition of an automatic movement.

The caseback of the Toc Ulysses 40 mm.

The Ulysses is the ultimate statement of individuality. It has been carefully crafted for individuals who appreciate unique design and attention to detail. At first glance, some might miss the subtle curve of the dial as it reaches the custom stainless-steel case — a simple detail that adds depth to the dial and distortion depending on the angle of view. The watch enthusiasts out there will certainly spot the sapphire crystal glass covering the dial as well as on the exhibition caseback.

Toc Ulysses Rose Gold - 36mm
Toc Ulysses Rose Gold – 36mm

Toc’s attention to detail is something to be admired. Many watch designs go too far in the search for perfection, but the team at Toc believes that “perfection is just as much about the details that have been excluded as the ones incorporated.” This is a point well made as the Toc Ulysses strikes the balance seamlessly. Consider the Saturn Black dial with the red seconds hand or the Burren Gold with the added textured dial and blue seconds hand. These added details complete each watch, but would more than likely spoil the aesthetics of other watches. It truly has to be seen to be appreciated.

Toc Ulysses - Burren - 40mm - Wrist
Toc Ulysses – Burren Gold – 40mm

With the Ulysses, Toc offers two 316L stainless steel case sizes in 36 mm & 40 mm. Toc is careful to point out that the watch sizes are unisex but not all dial colors will be viewed the same way. The Ulysses has nine dial styles and the same amount of strap options to choose from. As mentioned above, this time around, Toc allows the wearer to pick between a hand-wound and automatic movement. It’s hard to know which will be the more popular but, as most watch lovers know, there is something incredibly special about the bond you get by winding your watch every day.

Toc Ulysses Champagne Gold - 36mm
Toc Ulysses Champagne Gold – 36mm

The Ulysses is available for pre-orders right now, either on Kickstarter or via Toc’s website until April 10, 2018. Prices are now at €149 (approx. $183) for a limited quantity but don’t worry because soon there will be other incredible offers, including an automatic watch for €249 (approx. $309). Future retail prices range from €359 – €399 (approx. $430 – $480), so now is the time to jump if you like a great deal.

Toc Ulysses Saturn Black

The Ulysses exhibits a timeless beauty reminiscent of a classical watch but built for a more modern era. Toc has designed something wonderful with the Ulysses and thanks to ideal proportions and the availability of style choices, it seems like the Ulysses is poised for great success. Check out the video below, and be part of the Toc journey now.

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