Sponsored: Artem Straps — A Perfect Speedy Companion

Australian-based strap maker Artem has impressed the market since its initial launch in late-2019 with an appealing and approachable selection of interchangeable watch straps. The brand introduces a high level of customization into the hands of collectors, and offers a wide variety of options to complement any timepiece. Its sailcloth styles are ergonomically designed to fit the contours of the wrist, being even able to retain their tapered curves, padding, and flexible fit in wet conditions. And with a variety of sizes for its sailcloth straps, the brand’s products are able to fit almost all modern sport watch lug widths. 

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Of all the watch pairings Artem’s straps go well with, one of the most attractive is certainly with Omega’s Speedmaster range. Providing for an ultra-modern look that’s as sophisticated as it is action-ready, Artem’s sailcloth straps serve as perfect complements to the famed lunar line from the Swiss watchmaker. Whether it be a black strap paired with the flagship Moonwatch or a cool blue paired with a rare Snoopy-edition, the sailcloth style helps add an additional layer of sports functionality and style on the wrist.

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While each of the brand’s straps make excellent companions for both familiar and exotic Speedys, Artem’s Loop-less designs are particularly well-suited. As compared to the brand’s Classic styles, the Loop-less straps’ holes are reinforced by a soft silicone strip, while the strap itself is absent of strap keepers, or “loops,” in the design. Without strap keepers, the strap can be quickly equipped with one of Artem’s finely-manufactured deployant clasps, helping make the strap an even more attractive partner for the sharp look of the Speedmaster. When it comes to changing the strap, the Artem Loop-less strap guarantees ease with both a quick release and standard spring bar choices.

Image courtesy of @benjameshodges

With reliable construction and a sleek design, Artem’s element-resistant sailcloth straps are the ultimate addition to a modern Speedmaster in any collection. And with the ease of changing the strap with Artem’s quick release, there is no better way to customize your collection. 

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