Formex Presents Three Unique Features for Greater Comfort on the Wrist

Whether a watch wears comfortably on the wrist isn’t usually a top priority for most watch buyers. More likely, it’s design, brand, specs, or price that guides the buying decision. That makes sense, in a way, especially since more and more watches are being sold online without the ability to try them on in the first place. On the other hand, it’s pretty surprising since most men will end up wearing their watch throughout the day. Unlike a shoe or a button-up shirt, we all know how it feels when a watch doesn’t fit right.

Of course, there are different aspects that make a watch fit right on the wrist. Case diameter is one, lug-to-lug width another. However, these measurements do not just depend on wrist size, but wrist shape and preference too. Also, the ergonomics matter, in particular on the lugs, as those define if they’ll hug or dig into your wrist.

Formex Swiss Watches took it one step further and integrated three features into their newest model, the Essence Automatic Chronometer. These features seem rather unspectacular at first sight, but come with noticeable practical benefits in daily use:

  1. The gradual fine adjustment system that allows you to tighten or loosen the strap length when the wrist size varies due to temperature and activity.
  2. The case suspension system that gives a little to prevent the crown digging into the wrist.
  3. The tool-less interchangeability of all straps AND the steel bracelet that allows you to wear the right strap for the right occasion – and swap it in a few mere seconds
    The patented fine adjustment system allows a perfect fit on the wrist throughout the day.

    1. A clasp that’ll adjust to your changing wrist circumference

    This in-house developed folding clasp is made of an injected carbon microfiber composite on a stainless steel buckle. It features a patented gradual 7-mm fine-adjustment system that allows you to micro adjust the length of the strap without taking off the watch. As our wrists change size during the day and in different temperatures, this system gives a bespoke fit no matter the conditions, improving the comfort and fit on the wrist. For the same purpose, Formex developed a 4-mm micro-extension for its clean stainless steel bracelet.

    The patented case suspension system allows for a more comfortable fit on the wrist.

    2. A suspension integrated into the case that adapts to your wrist movements

    Formex has refined its unique and patented case suspension system for the last 20 years. This cushion concept draws from the engineering and design of high-performance bikes and racing cars and integrates four tiny springs between the lower and upper watch case. This system softens any movement by adapting to the wearer’s wrist motion and prevents the crown from digging into the back of your hand.

    Press the pins to change straps/bracelet without the use of tools.
    1. A system that allows you to swap straps/bracelets without tools in seconds

    Usually changing watch straps — especially bracelets — requires patience, some expertise, and a specialized tool which can be frustrating when wanting to quickly change up the look and feel of a watch. For the Essence, Formex equipped all straps and even the steel bracelet with quick release pins, meaning they can be changed in seconds and without tools. No fiddling with tools or visits to an expert, simply take the watch off, press the pins to release, and put on a new strap. The flexibility offered by this system means that the Essence can be tailored to fit any occasion or activity. You can wear the watch on a rubber strap during a morning run, change to a steel bracelet for the office, and then tailor it with a leather strap for a smart evening dinner.


    The Essence is available as an Automatic or COSC-certified Automatic Chronometer.

    These three features could be seen as mechanical exterior “complications” that actually have a practical use. In developing them, Formex proves that the smallest details really can make a difference.  Four tiny springs in a watch case, the simple press of some pins, and the adjustment of a strap by mere millimeters might not seem to amount to much on their own but put together, these innovative design details elevate a great watch to a perfect daily wrist companion.

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  1. I’ve just read the same article on three other websites – so this is just a press release. Also, since other brands use quick release straps and you can buy straps like this for pretty much any watch in your collection how is this a ‘unique feature’?

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