Sponsored: The SEVENFRIDAY S2/01 Reimagines the Valve

The SEVENFRIDAY S2/01 is the Industrial Revolution-inspired offspring of the well-tested  S-Series. The S-Series features the Zurich-based brand’s iconic square shape with rounded edges and the S2/01 is a tribute to early-20th-century Industrial Revolution icons. The S-Series trilogy was unveiled during Spring 2017 and the S2/01 will only be available worldwide, fresh from the press, beginning in June 2021.

Like the ubiquitous valve that acquires patina with good use, the S2/01 pays homage to the hard-working machines that helped define the second Industrial Revolution. The stripped back interface of the S-Series exposes the operating mechanism of the encasement. The antique brass-colored hour hand and rhodium-colored minute hand transmits motion as an extension of the mechanical engine to the three-arm seconds disk. Côtes de Genève markings on the sandblasted metallic dial are a continual reminder of the Industrial Revolution influence. Exposed rivets show the open and rather complex construction while the antique brass animation ring completes the ode to the valve.

From the first and second Industrial Revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries, to the clean tech industries of today, valves have been and continue to be a part of virtually every industrial process. This significance is not lost on the S2/01, whose open construction is a horological reimagination of the most recognizable part of a valve, the handwheel. Used to manually control a valve from the outside, the handwheel is skeleton-like in its simplicity, with spokes around a circular frame which mirrors the S2/01‘s antique brass PVD animation ring.

“I love the reinterpretation of the S-Series based on the industrial revolution.” says Dan Niederer, SEVENFRIDAY CEO & Co-Founder. “The combination of the modern square box shape, which is signature SEVENFRIDAY, with clear vintage elements reveals the dichotomy of the design as well as the individual who wears it – detailed in thinking with a simplified approach; open to ideas with a definite path to living one’s passion. The rhodium-and-antique-brass open design detail, surrounded by the antique brass animation ring of the S2/01, shows a deep appreciation for the valve as the workhorse of the Industrial Revolution. The S2/01 is a noteworthy timepiece that exemplifies for the individual the pride and progression of its Industrial Revolution influences.”

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