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Tudor Heritage Ranger - frontImbued with the pioneering spirit of the far North and epic tales of sled dogs braving solitary frozen lands, and infused with the exploits of unsung adventurers daily defying their hostile environment to explore new frontiers, the TUDOR Heritage Ranger brings the conquests of the last century into the present. A concentrate of heroic deeds, it offers modern urbanites a window on the legendary world of a bygone era.

Inspired by a historic model, also named Ranger, which the brand produced in the late 1960s, this new model embodies the unique creative approach developed by TUDOR to showcase its heritage in 2010 with the launch of its Heritage Chrono. Far from being a mere re-edition, it is a distinct reinterpretation, a true temporal and stylistic encounter of past, present and future. The aesthetic codes that contributed to the renown of the historic models are preserved and injected with modern touches to update the iconic spirit of the models. By applying this approach, devoting exceptional attention to detail and creating a particularly strong narrative universe to accompany it, TUDOR’s Style Workshop has endowed the Heritage Ranger with timeless force, an essential prerequisite for achieving iconic status.

Tudor Heritage Ranger - bund strap

As on the brand’s historic models, the lugs of the TUDOR Heritage Ranger are drilled through to accommodate the strap bars. Its matte black dial, bearing the TUDOR Rose logo, is domed, as is the crystal – typical features of the 1950s and 1960s TUDOR models – which give it a unique, “retro-chic” look. The 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock hour markers on the dial are not appliqués as on the other models in the Heritage line, but painted with a colored luminous substance for a warm, appealing “antique” effect. Its distinctive, pear-shaped hands are directly inspired by those of historic TUDOR Ranger models.

Tudor Heritage Ranger - dial

The case of the TUDOR Heritage Ranger measures 41 mm in diameter — a more contemporary size than its source of inspiration — and is entirely satin-finished, like all steel parts of this new model. This finish was chosen to express the functionality, technical prowess and robustness of an object that could have been standard equipment in the packs of sled-dog mushers readying themselves to face the most extreme conditions in the far North. The large, satin-finished crown of the TUDOR Heritage Ranger, similar to that of the TUDOR Heritage Black Bay, is engraved with the historic TUDOR Rose logo. It screws onto a protruding, satin-finished tube, which further accentuates the technical sophistication of the watch. Its self-winding Caliber 2824 is every bit as reliable and robust as the TUDOR Heritage Ranger itself.

Tudor Heritage Ranger - crown

Four superbly crafted straps and bracelets have been designed by TUDOR’s Style Workshop for the TUDOR Heritage Ranger. Each displaying its own strong personality, they contribute to underscoring this new model’s seamless blend into its environment. The first is a bund strap with satin-finished rivets. Cut from light brown leather, in spirit it subtly evokes the raw leather and equipment used by adventurers of the far North. Its steel folding clasp is also entirely satin-finished and heightens the technical aura of the strap. The second is an adjustable and particularly comfortable fabric strap with a camouflage motif woven in green tones, chosen as an allusion to the vast forest-covered regions traveled by sled-dog teams. The third is made of tobacco-colored leather reminiscent of sled harnesses. It is also equipped with the TUDOR folding clasp in its satin-finished version. The fourth and last version, featuring the same clasp, is a bracelet entirely made of machined, satin-finished steel. Its distinctive shape is a nod to the bracelets with tube-type attachments used by the brand in the 1950s, a period that witnessed numerous expeditions to the world’s most remote territories. Like the other models in the brand’s Heritage line, each TUDOR Heritage Ranger comes with a fabric strap as well as a second bracelet that may be chosen from among the three other available options.

Tudor Heritage Ranger - buckle
Tudor Heritage Ranger - camo strap

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