Porsche Design Chronotimer Collection: A Passion for Racing

The Porsche Design Chronotimer collection is more than an acknowledgment of the company’s roots. With the Chronotimer Collection, Porsche Design celebrates its natural passion for racing. Looking at the specific needs of racing drivers, Porsche Design founder Prof. F. A. Porsche relied on matte black surfaces and titanium at an early stage.

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These strengths have not lost any significance since then, and are therefore a feature in the new collection, which is engineered to be sportive, dynamic, and highly functional.


The time: the early 1970s. The challenge: The reflection of light on the dashboard at night makes it harder to read the instruments and disrupts the concentration of racers. The solution is as simple as it is ingenious: a matte black cockpit with white hands on the indicators, providing maximum contrast for optimal readability. This idea has since left tracks beyond the field of motorsports.

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Black — the only color that ideally accentuates contours, shape, and design — sets off the watches’ distinctive appearance: strong, uncompromising, dynamic, and timeless. The dials boast optimal readability thanks to maximum contrast. A black dial is set off by white indices and white hands beneath scratch-resistant sapphire crystal – with double-sided, seven-layer anti-reflective treatment. This purist, precision instrument has no frills and is reduced to the essentials.



Lightness, durability, and comfort are three essential properties of the light metal titanium, which is primarily deployed in racing, aeronautics, and medical technology. More robust than stainless steel, it is also much lighter, completely corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic.

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All Porsche Design timepieces are manufactured out of titanium. This distinctive material grants its chronographs special durability and guarantees the most comfortable fit. Every model is brushed, polished, glass bead-blasted, or titanium-carbide-coated. The look is at once contemporary, cool, and iconic.

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