Promotion: Hublot’s LaFerrari Lets Your Wrist Take A Spin

Hublot LaFerrarii - angleUniversally known for the concept of the “Art of Fusion,” Hublot has furthered its reputation as champions of innovation with the introduction of the Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari at Baselworld 2013.


Completely designed, developed and produced by the engineers and watchmakers at the Hublot manufacture,  the  watch’s movement further distinguishes itself with its 50-day power reserve — a world record for a hand-wound tourbillon wristwatch. Conceptualized with the input of the Ferrari team, a complex, shaped sapphire crystal echoes the sports car’s outline, as does the caseback, which is made from black PVD titanium.

The creation of Hublot’s newest limited-edition timepiece should come as no surprise: the Swiss watchmaker has long been an innovator in its field and is at the forefront of research into the latest high-tech materials. The brand has previously made headlines with the creation of its “Magic Gold” alloy, a scratch-resistant metal that is a fusion between pure gold and boron carbide.

Hublot LaFerrari - frontHublot LaFerrari - angleHublot LaFerrari - side

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  1. Benjamin katz

    It is a distortion when a watch in honour of a car costs more than the car itself…
    Nothing against the innovative design and technique but obviously its price makes no much sense.


    The problem with some watch designers is that they seem to forget what is the purpose of the device they’re designing as the owner off a watch must be able to tell what time it is at a glance and designing something which requires deciphering serves no one except for the designer especially if you require a special drill like tool to wind the watch and then a second tool to set the time, it’s fortunate that the $300K watch will be limited to a production of just 50 units.

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