UNDONE Honors Batman’s 80th Anniversary With Two Heroic New Titanium Editions

Hong Kong-based UNDONE, the world’s leading bespoke wristwatch label, has entered into a three-year global licensing agreement with Warner Bros., parent company of DC Comics’ Batman, the legendary costumed crime-fighter who turned 80 years old in 2019. To celebrate the anniversary of one of pop culture’s most enduring and iconic super hero characters, UNDONE has designed a premium collection that also serves to launch its first models in titanium.

Undone x Batman Caped Crusader - reclining

Since his first appearance, in the pages of Detective Comics #27 on March 30, 1939, Batman’s role and look as a cultural icon have continued to evolve in our collective consciousness. The UNDONE x BATMAN 80th Anniversary Collection, fittingly, pays homage to two of the most definitive eras in Batman’s evolution, with two distinct models, both measuring 40 mm in diameter: “The Caped Crusader” pays tribute to the upbeat and campy version of Batman portrayed by Adam West on the fondly remembered 1960s TV show, while “The Dark Knight” channels the darker, more mature version of the character seen in the modern Batman comics and in the films of Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan.

Undone x Batman Dark Knight - reclining

To the Batmobile! – “The Caped Crusader”

Housed in grade II titanium, the cushion-shaped case, crown and chronograph pushers of the Caped Crusader edition are lightweight, tough, and highly corrosion resistant. The micro-blasted finish suggests stealth and the aggressive shoulder lines are reminiscent of the Batmobile. The distinctive, bright yellow of the bat signal can be found on the main dial, circling the outer tachymeter scale and its “80” mark, a nod to Batman’s 80th anniversary, as well as on the chronograph seconds hand  and chronograph subdial. The latter features the classic oval insignia (1989-1993) in the form of a Batarang. In the dark, the dial reveals a central detect-a-scope illuminated in green along with the Bat-Signal minutes subdial, while the hands and applied indices glow an icy blue.

Undone x Batman Caped Crusader - side
Undone x Batman Caped Crusader - Lume

Billionaire by Day, Gotham’s Guardian by Night – “The Dark Knight”

“The Dark Knight” takes its stylistic cues from the duality of the Bruce Wayne and Batman’s identities, and is meant to represent the pinnacle of Wayne Industries’ engineering prowess. The matted grey look of the titanium micro-blasted, cushion-shaped case, along with the two-tone dial design, impart a “film noir”aesthetic to the watch, which appears suited to an old black-and-white movie. Here you will find DC Comics’ “New 52” version of the Bat emblem from 2011 stealthily debossed into the subdial, making the watch understated enough for the boardroom; take this watch out for a spin while patrolling the Gotham night, however, and the luminous material on the appliqués and chronograph counters come alive like the blue-nitrous boosters of the Batmobile’s powerful engine.

Undone Batman x Undone Dark Knight - side
Undone x Batman Dark Knight - caseback

Both models in the UNDONE X Batman 80th Anniversary Collection, which are powered by Seiko quartz chronograph movements, will come with open glass casebacks, laser serialized with a special commemorative Batman 80th Anniversary badge based on the iconic cover of Detective Comics #27. Both will arrive in a stylish metal carrying case featuring the Bat emblem. Portions of the proceeds from sales of the watches, which are priced at $359, will be donated to the Hope for Henry Foundation, a charity devoted to helping seriously ill children and their families through difficult times — a pursuit the philanthropic Bruce Wayne would certainly support.

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  1. The two comments which associate these two Undone watches with Panerai Radiomir are ill-conceived. I assume the opinions of Jeroen and Randy are based on the case design. The case design is very old and was historically used by a variety of watch brands, notably in the Heuer Camaro in the 1970s. The Camaro case is smaller than the one used by Undone though. The particular case design was used almost exclusively for chronographs if I am correct. The bezels of the two case designs are totally different.

    • Randy Rogers

      Why not go back to the 1926 Oyster Cushion, sans the Fluted Bezel and voila, but the Radiomir by any other name, morphed with a Luminor Chronograph Dial is what is mirrored.

  2. Jeroen de Jong

    i wanted to write a response so i started with, ‘this Hongkong watchmaker……’. And then i stopped. Making a copy of a Panerai Radiomir, throw in a quarts movement and call yourself a watchmaker? No. It is an insult to all watchlovers and i hope Watchtime will never write about this ‘clone-factory’ again.

  3. Randy Rogers

    “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”, call me old fashion, create something new, this is Panarai with a Seiko Quartz Movement, nothing wrong with either, except being genuine, creative, it’s own, Bruce Wayne, I think not!

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