Introducing the New Wryst Racer Luxury Automatic Watch

Swiss luxury sports watch maker Wryst has announced the debut of its new Racer watch collection. This latest automatic watch was designed with racing and motorsports in mind. The collection combines reliable mechanics and dynamic style for a unique and striking watch, available in four colors – the plain brushed stainless steel SX1, the rose-gold-plated SX2, yellow-gold-plated SX3, and the red-and-black SX4. There are just 75 pieces produced of each Wryst Racer watch, so any lucky owners will be in possession of an incredibly masculine, mechanical timepiece that offers them unbeatable style. These highly collectible watches are inspired by luxury lifestyles and sports cars, making them perfect for anyone who loves the thrills of speed and the finer things in life.

Wryst Racer Automatic Watches

The Racer watch features a top-quality, self-winding movement, with 26 jewels, offering a frequency of 28,800 vph. Its built-in power reserve will keep your watch running for up to 38 hours if you can ever bear to take it off. The aggressive, grade 516L stainless steel case is manufactured to last, both protecting all the internal elements of the watch and giving it a strong and stylish look. With features ranging from a 100-meter water resistance to a curved sapphire crystal, the watch is designed to stand up to the demands of a fast-paced and busy lifestyle.

Style is a major focus of these Swiss luxury watches. Inspired by the world of racing and motorsports, the Racer automatic watch evokes the glamour and sophistication of luxury sports cars, Formula One, and high-flying drivers who live the good life. On the caseback, you will find icons of racing flags and stars, chosen to encourage wearers to strive for their goals and cherish their wins in life. Each of the models comes with two bracelets to offer more versatility in their style and an easy way to switch up the appearance of the watches for different occasions.

Here are the four models in the Wryst Racer range:

Wryst Racer SX1

The SX1 features a classic stainless steel case, with bracelets in black-and-gray and gray-and-black color combinations. The strong design of the brushed metal casing and the eye-catching black dial will put you in mind of a luxury car’s speedometer, and ensures a masculine watch that will look good anywhere from the boardroom to the golf course.

Wryst Racer-SX1 Automatic Watch

Wryst Racer SX2

The SX2 adds a slightly softer touch to this tough watch, with a warm rose-gold coating on the stainless steel case. Paired with a gray- and sand-colored bracelet, as well as a spare sand-and-black option, this luxurious watch retains its masculine feel, even with the softer, more feminine colors. The rose gold colored elements continue onto the watch dial, with delicate coloring on the powerful dial. This model has the rugged power of a sports watch but the luxurious style required of anyone who takes pride in his appearance and is always looking for exclusivity.

Wryst Racer SX2 Automatic Watch

Wryst Racer SX3

The SX3, with its high-shine, polished gold finish, is bursting with personality. This luxury automatic watch model features two bracelets in black and “alpaca” coloring, along with yellow-gold detailing on the striking, sporty dial and an additional gold-coated buckle. Like the other models in the range, the SX3 features a see-through caseback, allowing you to observe the watch’s movement and marvel at its power and accuracy.

Wryst Racer SX3 Automatic Watch

Wrist Racer SX4

The red-and-black colors of the standout SX4 Racer model evoke images of a more classic sports watch, without compromising on the unique design that Wryst excels in. The two included bands are in black-and-red, and gray-and-red. There’s no missing this bright, attractive watch, which is not quite like any other timepiece on the market. The aggressive design is hyper-masculine, from the polished black DLC coating of the stainless steel case to the red detailing on the dial.

Wryst Racer SX4 Automatic Watch

Superior Mechanics and Performance

Wryst watches are constructed using superior mechanics to create accurate timepieces that are a delight to use. The new Racer range uses the Swiss-made, automatic Sellita SW200-1 movement, sister to the powerful ETA 2824, chosen to offer the customer a self-winding movement that does its job better than any other.

Wryst Racer Automatic Watch

The see-through caseback offers the owner the ability to watch the smooth movement of the watch and see the quality mechanics with his own eyes. The caseback design also emphasizes the motorsports and luxury cars that have inspired the watch range, with engravings of racing flags and other emblems that evoke the sport. Featuring water resistance up to 100 meters, these watches are designed to last and to provide value for many years to come.

The Wryst Racer range is designed to look and feel perfect while speeding around a racetrack, but it’s not only for people who feel most at home behind a wheel. Whether you’re a true speedster, or you like to live your life in the fast lane in other ways, this sports watch will offer you an experience that you won’t get from any other brand. And with only 75 pieces of each of these exclusive watches produced, this limited-edition watch is only available to a select few.

The Racer is a watch you can rely on, with its top-quality automatic movement and 38-hour power bank. The smooth action of the seconds hand and the clear design of the dial as a whole offer the very best in watch performance, so that owners can be sure they get accuracy and reliability every time. This is also a highly collectible automatic watch, thanks to its limited run and its unique design, offering a look and feel that’s completely different to any other sports watch on the market.

Wryst Racer Automatic - box

Each Wryst Racer watch is presented in a smart wooden box with elegant leather lining. This beautiful presentation makes these timepieces ideal for giving as a gift or simply for appreciating the craftsmanship and passion that goes into every watch. With ‘Racer Automatic’ engraved on the side of the case, there’s no mistaking what it is and what inspired it. These stunning watches are are both beautiful in their aggressiveness and masculinity and highly functional thanks to their precision mechanics.

Wryst watch designs offer something completely different than anything else on the watchmaking market, making them desirable to both collectors and lovers of all things luxury and high-quality. While it continues to do things that no other brand is doing, the brand is turning Swiss watchmaking on its head for the 21st century.

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  1. Purchased the Racer in yellow gold and what a watch! It is not the kind you see everyday and I was able to choose the serial number. What a timepiece! This is my second from Wryst.

  2. These are butt ugly. Glad to see they are only making 75 of these hideous things.

    • Fabrice L.

      I find them super modern and futuristic. Something new and different. Certainly a matter of taste.

      • daPhantom1

        “Taste” ??? A very expensive way to get something way worse than indigestion. I also agree that they look ridiculously weird/strange…..out there…. still not quite as weird as some Erwerk

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