Introducing Force, the New Luxury Timepiece Collection from Wryst

Wryst’s latest luxury watch collection, Force, makes its debut this fall. Three different models — the SX230, the SX270, and the SX300 — have been announced, and now all are ready and available for purchase. All Wryst Force watches have a limited-production run of 75 units, making them highly collectible. The new collection aims to promote a style that draws inspiration from the “forces” all around us.

The Force collection sports a 50-mm case width, up 5 mm from the 45-mm width of previous collections.The extreme-sports-inspired designs are bolder, stronger, and more masculine than previous offerings by Wryst. The collection focuses on the definition of force, which is a strength or energy that is an attribute of physical action. The new Force collection embraces the ideas of motion, nature, and gravity to create truly unique designs, color palettes, and styles. While some may associate “force” with power and might, Wryst uses the concept of force to promote nature and peace through its new timepiece collection.

The new Wryst Force collection comes in three different models:

Wryst Force SX230

Wryst Force SX230


The SX230 represents the force that Wyrst want to promote with the new collection. It’s a bold design that features a galvanized blue dial with white markings and a black border. The dial is encased in a shiny metal body, and there’s a choice of either a black-and-blue or white-and-blue bracelet. It’s priced at $886.

Wryst Force SX270

Wryst Force SX270


The SX270 is the most expensive option among the new models and features a rose-gold finish with a black DLC case. The dial has red accents on the second hands, and the reference number 270 is also colored red. The bracelet is two-tone, with brown and pure white, but the SX270 also comes with a mocha-and-chocolate replacement bracelet. Price: $965.

Wryst Force SX300

Wryst Force SX300


The SX300 is similar to the SX230 with its brushed blue color scheme. The dial is gray and black, with polished hands, and the case is colored with a brushed blue casing. One of the silicone bracelets provided has a simple black design with white lines. Also included is a second bracelet in gray with black lines. Price: $899.

All watches in the Wryst Force collection feature the following:

  • Highly collectible, limited production run of 75 watches per model
  • Grade 516L stainless steel case material for durability
  • Sapphire crystal to prevent damage to the dial
  • 50-mm width case size
  • Swiss Quartz Chronograph Ronda 3540.D movement
  • 100-meter water resistance
  • 18-month exclusive warranty
  • Prices start at $886

About Wryst:

Swiss luxury watch designer Jacques Fournier founded Wryst in 2012. Wryst has always put the customer first, offering niche luxury timepiece designs that are only available online. These exclusive collections have never failed to deliver, and the limited production runs make Wryst timepieces highly collectible. This has helped Wryst grow to where it is now, and Jacques Fournier has no plans to release Wryst watches into the retail market, keeping them an online-only exclusive.

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  1. Albert Kotzé

    Wow. I must be very old fashioned. Can’t even look at them. Hope they sell!

    • No, you’re not old fashioned, you just have good taste. These are truly hideous. Rest assured though, they’ll find enough buyers to sell 75 of each one.

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