A Watch with a Passion for the Sky

There are many pilots’ watches out there. But the PROMASTER SKY 30th Anniversary flagship model stands out for its refined functional beauty.

The watch features the light-powered Eco-Drive F990 movement which has achieved a running time of five years when fully charged. The movement can also capture a GPS time signal in as little as three seconds (the world’s fastest speed level) in order to tell, and to keep telling, the precise time. In other words, it runs by itself and is always accurate on time. Meaning, it has all the specifications you want in a watch. At the same time, however, it is so much more than just a hassle-free timepiece.

A Passion for the Sky

As a genre of timepiece, the pilots’ watch has a long history. Despite that, the key features that determine its basic design have never changed: A pilots’ watch must be easy for the pilot to see and to operate.

CC7015-55E: Luminous hands and indexes make for exceptional legibility.

Although there is a great deal of information displayed on the dial, the thick, luminous hands and indexes make telling the time easy. The engine turning pattern on the crown and bezel’s outer edge means the watch is easy to operate even with gloves on. On the inner ring there is an aviation slide rule for calculating your speed based on your flying time. (This was an essential tool for pilots in the days when computers were less advanced than they are today.) The top side of the bezel is decorated with the code symbols of the Ground-Air Visual Code for Use by Survivors, meaning that any incoming signals can be checked by simple reference to the wrist.

CC7015-55E: The specifications are professional down to every last detail.

Working pilots rarely encounter a watch so replete with all the romance of flight.

An Uncompromising Design

The design is distinctive and uncompromising. Inspired by the look of cockpit instruments and head-up displays, the 5-layer dial imparts sculptural depth and a note of creativity to the watch as a whole. The use of yellow and red as accent colours on the dial guarantees a high level of legibility.

Super Titanium™ (titanium materials treated with CITIZEN’s proprietary surface-hardening technology Duratect) are used for the bracelet. Weighing around 60% as much as stainless steel, Super Titanium™ is comfortable and light on the wrist. Super Titanium™ has a Vickers hardness of over 1,000Hv, far in excess of ordinary titanium. It is resistant to scratches and highly hypoallergenic.

Super Titanium™: The surface-treatment process

Super Titanium
™ Special Website

Based on a deep knowledge of how pilots actually use their watches, PROMASTER SKY offers superb durability and legibility. It is a watch replete with a passion for the sky and the romance of flight.



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