Sponsored: The Poseidon is Drying Up— In Stock for Only a Limited Run

Earlier this year, E.C.Andersson Watch Co began taking pre-orders for a new fan favorite sports watch, the Poseidon. The model is finally available for immediate delivery, although in limited numbers. The company only produces small batches of each model and does not produce re-makes. So, to get in on the watchmaker’s best-acclaimed watch so far, now’s the time. You can find it on www.ecandersson.com while stock lasts.

A unique and versatile tool-watch

The E.C.A Poseidon has been received with an overwhelmingly positive response, and for good reasons. The watch results from E.C.A sports watch evolution, featuring just about everything you need from a durable and versatile timepiece, wrapped in a well-proportionate package.

The design bears the company’s signature ques: clear-cut lines, a mix of polished and sandblasted finishes, and highly legible hands and indexes. Not to mention novelty features such as dual timezones, a rotating AM/PM disc (doubling as part of a compass function), a power-reserve indicator, ceramic timing bezel, and a date calendar – all presented in a cleverly harmonious fashion.

One thing enthusiasts have come to love with E.C.Andersson’s design language is its ability to pack multiple features into its watches and still keep a clean and uncluttered appearance. The Poseidon is easy to read, even at a glance, as the primary information is both lumed and presented in sharper contrast than the secondary.

Another innovative move by E.C.A was designing the power-reserve and am/pm indicators as disks, which helps users avoid mistaking the features for markers or hands when giving the watch a quick peek. Each movement is regulated in-house to achieve a high level of accuracy.

True to the adventuress style of the Poseidon, there’s an intuitive way to use the watch as a reliable compass. Notably, there is no need to memorize how to, as instructions are etched into the caseback and are thus with the wearer at all times.

Protecting the mechanical functions of the Poseidon is a sturdy and well-proportioned 40mm case, equipped with a 2.4mm shockproof sapphire crystal. The AR-coating is applied on the inside, making it as impervious to scratches as the ceramic insert surrounding it. The bezel itself is machined into rugged teeth with an 0.5mm overhang to ensure easy grip even with thick gloves.

Feature-packed and built to withstand just about anything you throw at it. Some call it an adventure watch, a survival watch or an all-inclusive tool watch. No matter the title, the all-new E.C.A Poseidon is the company’s most capable timepiece yet and has naturally become a fan favorite. It can be yours at www.ecandersson.com while stock lasts, still below the listing price at the time of writing— a very compelling offer well under 1.000 $.

To learn more, visit E.C.Andersson Watch Co, here.

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