Sponsored: Action Ready and Elevated, ProTek Introduces the Steel Dive Series

Following the debut of its initial collection, the Series 1000 Carbon Diver, Time Concepts’ brand ProTek is back again with the introduction of their second series of tritium tactical watches in the new Steel Dive Series. ProTek, led by former owner and founder of Luminox, Barry Cohen, is carving a niche for itself in producing watches specifically designed with first responders in mind, and in the Steel Dive Series the brand once more proves its ability to produce action-ready, functionality-focused timepieces that embody its “Rugged at Heart” ethos.

With its watches designed in Switzerland, ProTek is an American watch brand, conceived and manufactured with the best quality components available to ensure years of problem-free wear with no issues. The Steel Dive Series embodies this growing reputation, with each made with 316L stainless steel cases, tight 120-click unidirectional rotating bezels, sapphire crystals with antireflective coatings, and dependable Japanese quartz movements with 10-year batteries. Comfortable and waterproof genuine leather straps with signature buckles equip the new series to the wrist, with this detail adding a touch of elevated style to the bold steel aesthetic and helping distinguish the style.

Durable by design, ProTek watches are “Rugged at Heart—” the Steel Dive Series opts for stainless steel screw case backs and screw-down crowns to ensure 200 meters of water resistance. Known as “All Terrain Watches,” it’s the quality of manufacturing which lends to the capabilities of the rugged timepieces, with each model being produced in clean-room conditions in a spotless assembly facility with the utmost attention to detail.

Aesthetically bold by their case, the Steel Dive Series watches are further functional in their dials. Here, each of the timepieces employs superior self-powered Swiss tritium illumination, a signature of the ProTek brand, with the technology providing time-at-a-glance visibility in any light condition including complete darkness, and able to maintain its night visibility continuously for 25 years. “All watches in the ProTek brand feature the same unsurpassed self-powered illumination I pioneered with my former Luminox brand.” said Barry Cohen, Managing Partner of Time Concepts. “Our brand name defines us with ‘Pro’ meaning made for professionals, and ‘Tek’ signifying our superior self-powered illumination technology.”

The ProTek name also has a double meaning, with its watches made for those that “protect.” Notably, the Steel Dive Series follows the United States Marines Corps’ recent designation of ProTek as an official watch brand of the branch, with the watchmaker earlier this year submitting its timepieces to the USMC for review and analysis. Following submission, ProTek was soon after approved based on its watches’ superb accuracy, durability, quality, and superior ProGlo™ illumination that make them ideal timepieces to serve Marines in the line of duty and in their daily, active lives.

The ProTek brand’s combination of superior quality of manufacturing processes and components renders the Steel Dive Series timepieces ideal for anyone that enjoys the great outdoors and are therefore perfect for active outdoor enthusiasts. Add this robust, purposefully-designed timepiece with classic colors and a suave leather band, and the watches double serve as ideal companions for dressier attire, including black tie events, making this series remarkably versatile.

The new ProTek Steel Dive Series is set to begin shipping in July, with each model being reasonably priced with a suggested retail of $550.

To learn more about the new Steel Dive Series, visit ProTek’s Kickstarter page, here.

To order a ProTek Steel Dive Watch on Kickstarter, go to link above and click “Back this Project.” You will need to create a Kickstarter account to complete the purchase.

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