Grieb & Benzinger Announce 2011 Boutique Collection

Grieb & Benzinger Boutique Collection

Jochen Benzinger, Hermann Grieb and Georg Bartkowiak have announced their new models for 2011, together known as the Benzinger Boutique Collection. The collection includes three pieces: the Polaris, Pharos and Blossom, each in a 43mm solid 18k red gold case, and each incorporates the brand’s masterful and intricate hand-skeletonizing and guilloché. Find pricing and wallpaper inside.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Jochen Benzinger is acknowledged as a leading specialist for hand-skeletonized timepieces and guilloché. Work is done in the traditional manner using historical machines and tools. For many years, Benzinger and business partner Georg Bartkowiak have manufactured timepieces for larger brands including IWC, Fabergé, Chronoswiss and Tourneau.

The Grieb & Benzinger Polaris is outfitted with a mechanical movement that was modified using self-manufactured components. The half-skeletonized Sterling-silver dial with intricate guilloché allows a view of the modifications of the hour and minute display. The dial has a Breguet frosted finish and applied red gold hour/minute and seconds chapter rings. Due the the large amount of hand work required to create these pieces, only 100 are produced each year. The retail price for the Polaris is €30,500.

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Grieb & Benzinger Polaris
Polaris back view

The regulator display of the Pharos catches the eye and the unique layout, with the hour and minute hands in close proximity, makes it easier to read than most other displays of this type. Like the Polaris, the Pharos’s movement is modified in-house, and the dial is hand-guilloché, crafted in solid Sterling silver with a white Breguet frosted finish. Pharos production is also limited to 100 pieces per year. The Pharos lists for €31,000.

Grieb & Benzinger  Pharos

The Blossom shows how Jochen Benzinger works with his saw and graver to created a floral motif by hand. Also available with a diamond bezel, the Blossom can be worn by a man or a woman. The price is €28,500.

Blossom, back view
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