Baselworld 2015: New Rado HyperChrome Watches (Updated with Live Photos & U.S. Prices)

Rado is known for coupling sturdy, athletic timepieces with innovative materials and designs, and the brand’s new models for Baselworld are no exception. This year at Baselworld Rado introduces several new additions to its HyperChrome collection.

Rado’s new HyperChrome watches make use of an unusual material. Plasma ceramic is extremely durable and resistant to scratching, as all ceramic watches are. But it also is treated to have a brilliant, metallic hue. This color will not fade over time.


There are three new HyperChrome automatics coming to market this year. The Rado HyperChrome Automatic XL (above) is set to launch in the fall. It has a 42-mm case, built in a monobloc (one-piece) construction. The plasma ceramic gives it a glossy gunmetal color. It also has accents in rose gold PVD on the hands and indexes. The crown is made of stainless steel and is PVD coated as well. The Automatic XL has 3 center-mounted hands and a date window at 3 o’clock. The price is $3,650.


The heavy-hitter among the new models in this line is the HyperChrome Automatic Chronograph XXL Tachymeter (above). This watch also combines the dark gray plasma ceramic with rose-gold-colored accents. It has 45-mm monobloc case. A tachymeter scale is engraved around the bezel and filled with Super-LumiNova for visibility in all conditions. Like the crown, the chronograph pushers and the case middle are PVD coated to be rose gold. It has a standard tricompax layout for the chronograph subdials, with the date aperture placed between 4 and 5 o’clock. It will also be launched this fall with a U.S. price of $4,800. We tried on the Chronograph at Baselworld; below are a few snapshots (albeit poorly lit) of what it looks like on the wrist.

Rado Hyperchrome chrono - wrist
Rado Hyperchrome chrono - wrist

Finally, there is the HyperChrome Automatic Limited Edition (below), which will be available this spring. Only 600 pieces will be made of this smaller watch. Bringing out the more feminine elements of an elegant sports watch, the Limited Edition is just 36 mm in diameter and has 56 diamonds set in its ceramic bezel. It is colored to match its brethren, once again in plasma ceramic and PVD-coated accents. It will be priced at $7,200.

Rado_HyperChrome_Limited Edition-Beauty-560
Rado_HyperChrome_Limited Edition-Sideview-560


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  1. Martian

    These are truly stunning. Love the shades of blue and grey. Colors are amazing. This will catch anyone’s eye.

  2. These look great, especially the first one; right up until the size is stated. At 36 or even 38mm I’d be in the market for one of these. I’ve tried an older black & gold ceramic quartz and it was one of the most comfortable watches I’ve had on my wrist but too stark. However 42mm would swamp my 6.5″ wrist and 45mm is a joke – for goodness sake there used to be pocket watches smaller than that.

  3. srhardy

    The high swiss frank is going to be a problem, with ever higher sticker shock and ever bigger real world discounts to get sales. Even ROLEX are on sale for $20-50% off legit ones… Its hard when the knockoff market can make an excellent version for 1/20th the price RRP! Add on smartphone aware watches and its a new and exciting time in time keeping but no leadership (again) from the SWISS, its like they learnt nothing from the ’70 Quartz revolution.

    • Are you crazy….. the watch world / market is bigger than ever.

      Do you spend any time in London, NYC, Miami, LA, HK, i could go on and on….. do you see these HUGE flagship stores opening like theres no tomorrow…..

      You see Wall St’s bonus’s are back up again in 2015 the average Wall St bonus is 170k, let alone hedge funds which is 3 times that….


  4. Virgil Howarth

    Very nice looking watches. Radio has alway built a reasonably priced great looking watch and these are a continuation of that credo. Especially like the plain automatic.

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