TIME TEST: The Year in Watches

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Have you been taking notes? We did say there would be a test. Say goodbye to 2009 with this WIS quiz on some of the year’s top stories. To see how you did, or to ensure a perfect score, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the answers.

quality seal
1. What watch brand ceased having its movements certified with the Geneva Seal and instead introduced its own quality seal?
A. Vacheron Constantin
B. Roger Dubuis
C. Patek Philippe
D. Piaget

Mystery man



2. Which of the following brand CEOs did NOT resign or get fired during the year?
A. Fabian Krone, A. Lange & Söhne
B. Georges Kern, IWC
C. Michael Nieto, Baume & Mercier
D. Manuel Emch, Jaquet Droz




3. What major change took place at Rolex effective Jan. 1, 2009?
A. It stopped sending its movements to COSC for certification.
B. It discontinued its Tudor line.
C. CEO Patrick Heiniger resigned.
D. It relocated its movement-making operations to Geneva so the movements would qualify for the Geneva Seal.



4. What major watch-industry figure died during the year?
A. André Heiniger of Rolex
B. Kintaro Hattori of Seiko
C. Henri Stern of Patek Philippe
D. Gedalio Grinberg of Movado





5. What did Cartier celebrate at a celebrity-studded party in New York on April 30?
A. Its 100th anniversary in the U.S. market
B. The 150th anniversary of its founding
C. Its first watch with an in-house movement
D. A new version of the Tank watch

Calibre 89



6. The year’s highest price for a watch at auction was for the yellow-gold version of Patek Philippe’s Calibre 89, sold by Antiquorum in November. What was the price?
A. $3.1 million
B. $4.1 million
C. $5.1 million
D. $6.1 million




7. Attendance by U.S. watch buyers at Geneva’s SIHH luxury watch fair in January
A. Was about the same as in 2008.
B. Fell by an estimated 20%.
C. Fell by an estimated 40%.
D. Fell by an estimated 60%.




8. On Sept. 17, Antiquorum sold for $18,000 a Vacheron Constantin given by one celebrity to another. Who were the giver and recipient, respectively?
A. Zsa Zsa Gabor and Marlon Brando
B. Doris Day and Rock Hudson
C. Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong
D. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

First movement



9. What brand launched its first in-house movement?
A. Panerai
B. Frédérique Constant
C. Breitling
D. Blancpain





10. Switzerland’s Competition Commission (Comco) began an investigation of the Swatch Group’s ETA movement-making subsidiary for possible
A. refusal to sell movements to other watch companies.
B. predatory hiring practices.
C. dumping movements below cost.
D. discriminatory pricing.




11. What clothing designer launched a watch brand under the Richemont Group umbrella?
A. Marc Jacobs
B. Betsey Johnson
C. Ralph Lauren
D. Calvin Klein

President Obama



12. Madame Tussauds unveiled a Barack Obama waxwork complete with wristwatch. What brand is the watch?
A. TAG Heuer
B. Jorg Gray
C. Mido
D. Timex

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