Chronograph Quiz

Chronograph Quiz Kid

How well do you know chronographs? This week we look at technical, functional, and historical aspects of what may be the all-time favorite complication. So fire up your chronographs and see how long it takes you to complete this quiz. As always, the answers appear at the end. Good luck!

1. Which company was the first to offer an automatic chronograph wristwatch for sale to the public?

A. Breitling
B. Seiko
C. Heuer
D. Omega

2. A Retour en vol chronograph is also referred to as a:

A. Rattrapante
B. Automatic chronograph
C. Chronograph with calendar
D. Flyback

3. A chronograph movement with a rate of 28,800 bph can time events to the nearest:

A. 1/5 second
B. 1/6 second
C. 1/8 second
D. 1/10 second

Seconds track

4. The modern Breguet Type XX Aeronavale chronograph is a:

A. Flyback
B. Rattrapante
C. Split seconds
D. Telemeter

Type XX

5. What year did Rolex introduce its in-house chronograph caliber 4130?

A. 1999
B. 2000
C. 2001
D. 2002

Rolex 4130

6. What is the rate of Zenith’s “El Primero” chronograph caliber?

A. 28,800
B. 36,000
C. 36,600
D. 36,800

El Primero

7. A tachymeter chronograph is designed to measure:

A. The distance to an event based on the travel time of the sound it makes
B. Two events that start at the same time but end at different times
C. Speed based on travel time over a known distance
D. Multiple events that start and stop in rapid succession

8. Prior to developing its own chronograph movement for the Daytona, Rolex reworked movements provided by which company?

A. F. Piguet
B. Lemania
C. Jaeger-LeCoultre
D. Zenith


9. Which of these does not belong?

A. Rattrapante
B. Doppelchronograph
C. Split-seconds
D. Flyback


10. Which company introduced a chronograph that can open and start a car?

A. Audemars Piguet
B. Seiko
C. Jaeger-LeCoultre
D. Junghans

11. Which of the following movements has a rate other than 28,800 bph?

A. Girard-Perregaux caliber 3080
B. A. Lange & Söhne caliber L951.1
C. Jaeger-LeCoultre caliber 829
D. Glashütte Original caliber 60


12. Which company is generally credited with creating the first wristwatch chronograph?

A. Jaeger-LeCoultre
B. Omega
C. Heuer
D. Breitling

13. Which was the first automatic rattrapante movement?

A. Venus caliber 179
B. Jaeger-LeCoultre caliber 380
C. F. Piguet caliber 1186
D. Heuer caliber 11

14. The Patek Philippe 5070 chronograph used a movement based on an ebauche provided by:

A. Lemania
B. F. Piguet
C. Valjoux
D. Jaeger-LeCoultre


15. Which company recently introduced an in-house chronograph movement called caliber B01?

A. Breitling
B. Blancpain
C. Bulgari
D. Bell & Ross








1 – B
Seiko was the first company to serially produce an automatic chronograph movement (caliber 6139 with vertical clutch), and they delivered watches for sale to the public to dealers in May, 1969.

2 – D

3 – C
A movement with a rate of 28,800 beats per hour beats 480 times per minute or 8 times per second.

4 – A

5 – B

6 – B

7 – C

8 – D

9 – D
A, B and C are names, in French, German and English, for a split-seconds chronograph.

10 – C
JLC’s AMVOX2 DBS Transponder can unlock and start an Aston Martin DBS.

11 – B
The rate of the Lange caliber is 18,000 bph.

12 – D
Breitling introduced a wristwatch chronograph in 1915.

13 – C

14 – A

15 – A

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