Watch Experts Network: ‘“Authentic” NASA velcro strap – Speedy Tuesday meets Strap Review’

If you start to explore the world of Speedmasters and Omega in general one name you will come across is the late and great Chuck Maddox. Many things we know today are results of his thorough research, which is still a reference point for a lot of topics. Let that be a Speedy Pro, a vintage Heuer or vintage chronograph in general; he had his hands in everything. And boy was he ingenious. So ingenious that his works inspired a lot of people to start their own research, buy their first watch, or like the subject of this article, make their own “authentic” NASA Velcro strap.

As Phil (or Kizzi known by members on watch forums and eBay) a veteran Speedy wearer for 40 years puts it:

“…always thought it would be cool to have a watchband linked to Apollo to go with the watch, but the ones available never looked like flown ones sold at auctions or from the NASA image archive, and that always puzzled me. It wasn’t until I chanced across Chuck Maddox’s website that hosted the NASA watchband specification SEB12100030 that I realised everyone else had got it wrong and if I wanted one just like the astronauts wore I’d have to be make it myself.”

End of the excerpt. Read the full story here:

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  1. Roger Chivers

    I live in England and would like to obtain a hard copy of the publication “Speedy Tuesday Magazine” that I believe was issued as a supplement in your magazine.

    I am quite happy to cover whatever postage costs would be involved in sending it to me in England.

    Can you please let me know if this is possible and then I can send my address and payment to you.

    Many Thanks.

    Roger Chivers

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