MB&F Updates the Legacy Machine Split Escapement with a Green Dial and a Titanium Case

When the MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement debuted in 2017, it was immediately available in four limited-edition options all encased in white gold with a variety of dial colors and treatments. In 2018, the watch was one of six finalists in the Men’s category at the annual GPHG award. This year, the brand led by Max Büsser has officially announced another limited run for the popular timepiece in grade 5 titanium with an eye-catching green dial with a sun-ray finish. 

Limited to 33 pieces, the LM SE Titanium Green is the first Legacy Machine Split Escapement to come in a non-precious metal as well as the first with a green dial. While the watch is technically another iteration of a fan-favorite piece for the independent firm, it’s a more accessible update that should endear itself to collectors and enthusiasts due to the lightness and heightened wearability of the case material as well as its increased availability compared to the original white gold offerings. 

The Legacy Machine Split Escapement was an evolution for the LM family when it was first released. Using the split escapement pioneered within 2015’s LM Perpetual, the LM Split Escapement also borrows the arched balance bridge that stretches over the iridescent dial color that sways between light blue and green. The independent Irish watchmaker Stephen McDonnell assisted in the movement’s initial conception and it’s unconventional complexity has carried over to today’s new watch. The regulating system is split between the top of the movement — where the large flying balance wheel is visible — and the back where the anchor and escapement wheel are present.

Despite the Legacy Machine Split Escapement being, at its core, a simplified version of the LM Perpetual Calendar, I think the pared-down design suits the watch quite well. The 44-mm case hosts three distinctive white-lacquered subdials that display the hour and minutes at 12 o’clock, the date at approximately 8 o’clock, and the power reserve at approximately 5 o’clock. 

The LM SE Titanium Green is limited to 33 pieces and is priced at $68,000. While we’re waiting to confirm whether or not the new watch will be shown at this weekend’s WatchTime Los Angeles show, MB&F will be at Hudson Loft with us in full force to showcase many of their latest novelties, including the ladies’ Legacy Machine FlyingT.

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