IWC Extends Warranty from Two to Eight Years with New “My IWC” Program

Today, in a release first disclosed in the U.S. exclusively to WatchTime,  IWC announced that it will extend its international limited warranty from two to eight years as part of its new “My IWC” program.

Every new buyer of an IWC watch will have the option to join the new program after making their purchase. Then after registering, the brand’s “International Limited Warranty” will be extended from its standard two years to the extended eight for the purchased watch.

The program will also be available retroactively, with those who have purchased an IWC in the past two years able to register for the extension, too, so long as the watch is still under its initial warranty. The other benefits of the program will include access to extra services and early information about new products and events, which die-hard IWC fans are sure to welcome.

IWC cites the creation of the “My IWC” program as being a result of the brand’s “extensive investment into manufacturing capabilities and quality excellence.” In other words, IWC has made great strides in the past few years in the build quality of its watches, and as a result feels confident in offering the extended warranty. The program is further supported by the recently opened IWC Manufacturing Center, which has better consolidated the company’s work flows, from shaping raw steel to finishing watch cases and movements. This consolidation adds greater layers of assurance to the manufacturer’s confidence in its watches, enabling a better view of each step in the production process in full detail to ensure the highest standards.

For the Schaffhausen manufacturer founded in 1868, this latest addition to its warranty service is the latest extension of the “Probus Scafusia” seal which adorns many IWC watches and materials (pictured above), which was first used by the brand in 1903 as a mark of quality. Today, that mark of quality grows stronger, and raises the bar among luxury watchmakers actively working to prove their pieces are of the highest quality in the industry.


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  1. Why does one need to “register” to have it extended?? Why not have it as an 8 years standard at time of purchase? Rolex doesnt have have such gimmickery. As a collector, i have off loaded most of my IWC pieces. This brand has lost the appeal it once had for me.

    • I understand what you mean about having the register… but the truth is that info on consumers is important… The Swiss watch industry is way behind… you see this with most consumer products: they want as much information about you as possible. Think Amazon or Apple… They can use the voice assistant on their products to monitor the sound of your voice and determine how to market cold medication or decongestants via online and email adds. That’s just one example… Data is the new oil!!!

    • It only needs to be registered if bought before the change came through. The 8 year standard comes equipped on all watches purchased after the change.

  2. I registered my LPP Chrono purchased last month and part of the registration was the option to extend. No cost at all and now have the extended warranty. Even if it’s a “Limited” warranty the extra years at no cost is a no brainer.

  3. Jon Myles

    I agree with Paul C. IWC are not extending their warranty – they are asking people to pay more to have it extended.
    I would love to know what this extension includes and excludes. There surely must be more details available?

    • I registered into the program… it’s as simple as giving them your email, checking whether you want to receive IWC’s newsletter (marketing material of course), and the serial number of the watch. And that’s it. No additional cost.

    • There is not charge to have the warranty extended. You literally go on and register your serial number. That simple.

  4. What is not stated but implied is that there is an up charge for this program? …Similar to an extended warranty when you purchase a new car. I am as guilty as the next but amazed with the absolute lack of service and after care routinely displayed by all the Swiss watch companies. I do not purchase extended warranties on cars so is this a step in the right direction or another opportunity to choke the golden goose?

    • There is no cost for the extended warrantee.. They ask for you email address, whether you want to receive their newsletter (marketing material for sure), and the watches serial number… That’s it. No additional cost.

    • Hi Paul,

      There is no charge at all for this service. All that is need is to upload the serial number on and that’s it.

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