Video: Inside the HYT H2

HYT H2 - frontIn WatchTime’s September-October issue, on sale August 27, our editorial team compiles a blockbuster selection of 60+ new watches from Baselworld 2013. One of the featured timepieces is the H2, the latest innovation from the “hydromechanical horologists” at HYT. Click here to see an HD video showing the workings of this unusual timepiece.

The HYT H2 expands the unprecedented timekeeping system of last year’s debut model, the H1 — which uses clear and green-tinted liquids stored in twin bellows and pushed through thin tubes to indicate the passing hours — by adding a center-mounted hour hand, crown-position indicator, and a reworked movement. Click below to watch HYT’s official video for the H2, released at Baselworld.


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