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Showing Skin: A New Vintage-Inspired Dive Watch from Longines

There should be no surprise that Longines released another attractive dive watch during Baselworld this year. After all, it was only a few years ago that the vintage-inspired Legend Diver captivated social media and the horological blogosphere as a whole. Going even further back, the HydroConquest has had a steady presence in the brand’s catalog...


Jaquet Droz Strips Down for its First-Ever Skeletonized Watch (with Macro Shots)

Jaquet Droz — a brand made famous by its eponym’s venture into automata production during the mid-to-late 1700s — isn’t one to follow a trend. That’s why the decision to release the brand’s first skeletonized watch was a surprise highlight for many of my colleagues and myself at this year’s Baselworld fair. Since its revival...


MeisterSinger Introduces its First Astronomical Watch

MeisterSinger is best known for producing watches that utilize a single hand to tell time. This, of course, lends itself to a more relaxing interpretation of the traditional way we read our watches. Rather than following a to the second — or minute, even — display, most MeisterSinger timepieces are read in five-minute increments. This...

Baselworld 2018:

Grand Seiko Announces a New Caliber and Multiple New Watches

During Baselworld 2017, Seiko made the announcement that it was separating its Seiko and Grand Seiko lines. This move made a lot of sense at the time. The idea was that they are already equally beloved by Seiko-holics, but this distinction helps make the difference apparent to everyone else. One consequence of this meant that...


Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy: Laco Pilot Watch Original Replica Type A

This week, we return to the classic B-Uhr (Beobachtungs-Uhren, or observation watch) pilots' watch design, with this series produced by the historical manufacturer Laco. For conciseness, we’ll be focusing our eye on the brand’s most historically-informed series, called the Replica models, the Type A Replica 45 and Type A Replica 55.


The Flow of Time: HYT Reaches New Heights with the Updated H20 Watch

Time flies — or, in this case, flows. HYT unveiled its original "hydromechanical" watch, the HYT H1, at Baselworld 2012. In the years since, we've seen the iconoclastic brand introduce new technical updates, new colorways, and a variety of other innovations. This year, HYT showed its wares at January's SIHH watch salon, with its headliner being the new HYT H20 watch.


Angelus Announces its First Dive Watch

With Baselworld 2018 right around the corner, there are plenty of new watches to discuss. One that has already caught our eye is the Angelus U50 Diver Tourbillon, which has the distinction of being the brand’s first-ever dive watch. This isn’t the first time a tourbillon has been included in a dive watch — both...

Ferdinand Berthoud Looks Into the Past to Introduce a New Regulator Watch

It’s only been a few years since the Ferdinand Berthoud marque was resurrected by the Chopard Group but there’s no doubt that it has been extraordinarily impactful during that time. In 2016, the young brand took home the prized Aiguille d’Or (basically the equivalent of winning Best Actor/Actress at the Oscars) at the GPHG awards....


My Favorite Watch: James Buttery, Print Editor at QP Magazine

In our ongoing series, My Favorite Watch, WatchTime speaks to interesting personalities in the watch industry. The interviews revolve around the subject’s favorite watch model, their experience in the industry, and other topics. This week, we talk to James Buttery, Print Editor at Britain’s QP Magazine. What’s your favorite watch? Sorry, but that’s impossible for me to answer....


Highlights from Christie’s “Time for Spring” Online Watch Auction

There’s something special about viewing the lots of a watch auction in person. Being able to sit with a number of timepieces that you never expected to see in the flesh — and often in immaculate condition — is a rare treat that any horological enthusiast should seek out. Earlier today, we got to sit...


My Favorite Watch: Watch Journalist Carlos Torres

In the new series, My Favorite Watch, WatchTime speaks to interesting personalities in the watch industry. The interviews revolve around the subject’s favorite watch model, their experience in the industry, and other topics. This week, we talk to Portuguese watch journalist Carlos Torres, a member of the international Watchstars Awards jury.


My Favorite Watch: Neha Bajpai from WatchTime India

In the new series, My Favorite Watch, WatchTime speaks to interesting personalities in the watch industry. The interviews revolve around the subject’s favorite watch model, their experience in the industry, and other topics. We start with our colleague Neha Bajpai, Editor at WatchTime India and member of the international Watchstars awards jury.   What is your favorite watch?...


Introducing the New Wryst Racer Luxury Automatic Watch

Swiss luxury sports watch maker Wryst has announced the debut of its new Racer watch collection. This latest automatic watch was designed with racing and motorsports in mind. The collection combines reliable mechanics and dynamic style for a unique and striking watch, available in four colors – the plain brushed stainless steel SX1, the rose-gold-plated...


RGM Model 350-TZBD: An American-Made Watch for International Travelers

Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based RGM, the only watch company to serially produce a high-end mechanical watch movement in the United States since the 1960s, is ushering in its 2018 production year with a new complication. The Model 350-TZBD, which combines a big date display with a second-time-zone indication, is this week’s Watch to Watch. The RGM Model...

Ming Watches Introduces the 17.03 GMT

Ming Thien is a writer, a photographer, a physicist (he graduated from Oxford at age 16!), and currently the Chief of Strategy for Hasselblad. He’s also the namesake and face of a microbrand that began to make waves across the horological blogosphere late last year. Back in the fall, Ming Watches released its first limited edition...

SIHH 2018:

Eight Highlight Watches from Audemars Piguet’s 2018 Lineup (Updated to Include Video Interview with CEO François-Henry Bennahmias)

We’ve already seen a few new Royal Oak Offshore 25th Anniversary models and a couple new Millenary timepieces, however, this week at SIHH, Audemars Piguet unleashed a whole truckload of new watches — the most of any brand presenting. We’re going to run through the top eight most notable pieces before going deeper into what else...

SIHH 2018:

Piaget Introduces Another Record-Breaking Watch

When Piaget announced that it was releasing the world’s thinnest automatic watch at SIHH this year, it didn’t surprise anyone. In the constant struggle over being a horological record holder, Piaget has been a dominant force in the pursuit of ultra-thinness with only Bulgari as a competitor. What no one expected, however, was that Piaget would...

SIHH 2018:

The New Cartier Santos: The First Men’s Wristwatch Gets a Modern Makeover

It was in 1904, when pocketwatches were still in style for gentlemen, that pioneering aviator and bon vivant Alberto Santos-Dumont approached his friend, Louis Cartier, about fashioning for him a timepiece that he could wear, and check the time, while keeping both hands on the controls of his aircraft. The watch that Cartier made for...

SIHH 2018:

Richard Mille Introduces the Ultimate Polo Watch

Polo is one of the toughest sports to wear a watch during. Not only do you have to worry about your opponent smashing the delicate crystal of your timepiece with an errant mallet, but, if for some reason you fall off your horse, it’s game over for anything that happens to be on your wrist....