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Driving Since 1969: The TAG Heuer Monaco

As we usher in a new year, we reflect on how much difference a year (or several) can make when comparing one watch to its predecessors. This week, WatchTime looks back on three iconic watches that demonstrates how a classic timepiece changes over time.Today, we wrap up with the TAG Heuer Monaco.

Flying Since 1948: The IWC Mark

WatchTime looks back on three iconic watches that demonstrates how a classic timepiece changes over time. Earlier this week we took a look at the Rolex Submariner; today, we examine the IWC Mark series of pilots' watches.

Wryst Motorsport-Inspired New Timepiece for 2016

Swiss watchmaker Wryst has announced the release of a new reference, now available for pre-orders: the Wryst Motors MS3 sport watch. In the tradition of previous Wryst watches, this new timepiece is a limited edition of 99 pieces and will be available in the first quarter of 2016. The success of the previous Motors MS1...

Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy, Part 17: Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic

Released earlier this year in October, the Glashutte Original Sixties Iconic collection is based on a variety of funky 1960s design schemes, particularly the Spezimatic, released towards the middle of the decade. Available in five color schemes (red, gold, aqua, brown, and gray), all of the watches’ dials are meticulously painted to achieve interesting visual effects.

Is Your QP Jumping or Dragging? An Insider’s Look at F.P. Journe, Part 7

The new Quantième Perpétuel launched by F.P. Journe clearly demonstrates how Mr. Journe works, and what his ambitions are. Originally announced in 2014, only a trickle (on Journe’s scale, that is less than 10) of the watches ordered have been delivered. Is a QP that difficult to make? Well, it all depends on what you...

Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy, Part 15: IWC Mark XVII

Within the complete modern series of the IWC Pilot’s Watch there exists a multitude of variations, from chronographs to GMTs to perpetual calendars, but the most historically relevant of them all still exist today: the IWC Mark XVII and IWC Big Pilot. We will compare the vintage and modern Mark XVII.

Heart of (White) Gold: NOMOS Lambda Weissgold Receives Yet Another Accolade

Amidst the excitement surrounding the release of the NOMOS neomatik collection, and the 3.2-mm in-house automatic movement DUW 3001, another watch from NOMOS Glashütte was selected to receive the prestigious German Design Award: NOMOS Lambda Weissgold—the elegant, haute horlogerie timepiece that is the watchmaker’s tribute to traditional, luxury Glashütte watchmaking with a NOMOS twist. The...

Borrowed Time: Reviewing the Bremont ALT1-WT World Timer

Let me state right up front that I’ve always had a thing for world-time watches; to me it’s a style of timepiece that lends itself to both practical utility as well as, almost across the board, really attractive designs. Also, at the risk of being perceived as a trend-follower, let me admit that I have...

Sound and Vision: An Insider’s Look at F.P. Journe, Part 5

Grande Sonnerie [Def]: a watch that strikes the hours and quarters automatically. The Professional Dictionary of Horology is clear about the function of a Grande Sonnerie. But let’s understand what it means by “automatically.” Here it does not refer to an automatic movement, but rather that, without outside help, the watch will strike, on its own, in...