The Art of The Dial: Exploring Cartier’s Maison des Métiers d’Art

Rotonde de Cartier 42-mm watch, panther

To create the dial on this watch introduced last year, Cartier combines enameling with the grisaille gold-paste technique. The 18k-gold dial is covered with an even layer of black enamel. The enameler uses a needle or very thin brush to apply a gold paste, which he or she works to produce the panther. The dial is then fired. The watch is a limited edition of 80 pieces with an 18k-gold case set with brilliant-cut diamonds. Inside is a manufacture movement, Caliber 9981 MC. Price: $148,000.









Ballon Bleu de Cartier 42-mm watch, parrot

The dial on this watch was created from rose petals using the craft of floral marquetry, which Cartier first used last year. The craftsman collects, colors and cuts the petals, and then places each one on a thin piece of wood, formed using a marquetry saw. The petals are then painstakingly applied by hand to the gold dial to form the picture. It takes two weeks to perform the marquetry work for this dial, and a total of three weeks to create the entire dial. The parrot’s beak is made of onyx; its eye is an emerald. The watch is a limited edition of 20 pieces. It has a rhodium-finished 18k-white-gold case set with brilliant-cut diamonds and a self-winding movement. Price: $119,000.







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  1. Rotulación a Mano

    Amazing, love to see arts and crafts in all splendor.

  2. Pedro Maiz

    The toucan is the one and perhaps only one I like. I don’t like blue tigers.

  3. Debashish

    Enjoyed your article immensely, thanks!

    This type of articles compels me to visit your website at least once every day and induces me to purchase your magazine regularly.

  4. CCN 1410

    Fantastic! Great technique and a lot of patience is required.
    Congratulations to Cartier and also to its employees.

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