Green Rambles: The GPHG and Its Importance to the Industry

While most of our readers are probably enjoying a sunny beach, the cooler mountains, or any other desirable vacation hot spot, I am on the website of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG). Here, you can already find the complete list of the competing watches for this year’s edition. The amount of them is simply daunting, with many familiar faces, and even some watches I have never seen before. This was once a point of frustration for me, but through years of experience, I have learned to accept that there is simply too much going on in the world of watches to follow it all.

While not an objective instrument, having so many entries for the GPHG — in particular, from such a wide variety of brands — is a sign of a healthy industry. This assessment is underscored when you look closely at the individual watches. Many of them offer a refreshing take on the concept of the wristwatch through their mechanical excellence, their intricate design, or exceptional craftsmanship. Quite a few watches even unite them all. Also, the significant number of entries in the ‘Challenge’ category, reserved for timepieces with a retail price equal or under CHF 3,500, shows that this vital part of the market is also thriving and sizzling with creative energy.

With that, they also fulfill the goal of the GPHG as a Foundation, which is to further promote watchmaking culture in general and high-quality watchmaking, especially. They are often referred to as the ‘Oscars’ of watchmaking, and that is not so strange, as winning one can have a significant impact. Winning a category of the GPHG significantly places many brands better on the map, this being particularly true when the brand in question is smaller, giving them the recognition they deserve. It is a significant accolade, almost like a seal of approval that this is something really special. In all honesty, not only the winners deserve this credit, but all participating watches. They are all the result of passion, hard work, and a commitment to add something to the world of watches. As a journalist, I am proud, honored, and happy to contribute to this as well, although I must admit that as a member of the GPHG Academy, voting this year is not going to be easy.

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