Around the Web: 4 Stories You Should Read This Week

Sir Edmond Hillary's Rolex ExplorerIn this first installment of “Around the Web,” WatchTime social media maven Alan Loren updates watch aficionados with what we thought were some of the most interesting watch-related stories and news tidbits of the past two weeks, culled from the websites of your favorite brands as well as some of the most popular watch blogs and lifestyle media. Here’s what caught our eye on the web this week, with updates on Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Omega and Art Basel.


1. Which Rolex did Sir Edmund Hillary Wear To The Summit Of Mount Everest?

Over at, there is a new twist in the ongoing debate over whether Sir Edmond Hillary actually wore a Rolex Oyster Perpetual on his successful 1953 climb to the peak of Mount Everest. It may all come down to definition of what “wore” means. The Beyer Watch and Clock Museum in Zürich says it has the actual watch Hillary carried with him up Everest (see below).  But one Hodinkee reader claims that Sir Edmond actually wore a Smiths watch on the mountain, which is now on display at the Clockmaker’s Company Museum in London.

Sir Edmond Hillary Rolex Explorer
Photo by Stephen J. Pulverint

For the record, here is a vintage ad for Smiths from the 1950s. It seems that both Smiths and Rolex were sponsors of the climb. Perhaps one was on the wrist and the other in Mr. Hillary’s pocket?  We’ll have to do some further investigating, but this mystery may never be solved. You can view the article and join the debate by clicking here.

Smiths Watch Everest Advert


2. “Curiosity” by Kolkoz, a major new art installation presented by AP and Galerie Perrotin for Art Basel in Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami is one of the world’s preeminent gatherings of artists and art lovers. This year’s event took place from December 3 through 8.  And while on the subject of Art Basel, we happened to catch a stunning post on the Audemars Piguet Facebook page that made us go, “What the…?”


AP Facebook
“Curiosity” from Audemars Piguet Facebook page

We did a little research and discovered that Audemars Piguet (AP), in conjunction with Galerie Perrotin, presented a wonderful work at Art Basel called “Curiousity,” by the French artist team Kolkoz.  As you can see from the picture below, the piece takes the form of a snow-covered chalet floating in front of Miami Marine Stadium. The new installation served as home to AP’s events throughout the week.

“Curiosity” at Art Basel Miami

A ski chalet, covered in snow, on the water, in Miami, at Art Basel; it doesn’t get any better than that, right? You can learn more about the work right here.


3. Overcoming Technology Hurdles

We really enjoyed Michael Clerizo’s short piece in the Wall Street Journal called “Luxury Watches Meet Technology” (and we told him so!).  Although the piece originally ran in early November, we just happened to catch it and it is well worth the read. Michael reports on how recent advances in technology are leaping over mechanical stumbling blocks that have long vexed watchmakers.  He highlights four watches that are emblematic of these advances.

Read it right here.

HYTHYT photography by F. Martin Ramin (from WSJ Online)

4. OMEGA Co-Axial Chronometer

It really is amazing just how “BIG” a short little film can be.  Have you seen the gorgeous promotional video for the Omega Co-Axial Chronometer? It was actually uploaded by Omega in April of this year, but in case you missed this bit of horological cinema, we’ve got it right here.


A short glance at the comments under the YouTube video reveals that viewers are almost universally overwhelmed (to see the comments, click here).

Until next week, enjoy!

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