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  1. Charles Rizzuto

    I agree wholeheartedly with the last comment left by the British gent,prior; except for the fact that individual brands are more and more being recognized by their own movements and complications and not merely by their individual look or style.I’m sure that in the early 70’s more brands shared similar parts provided by companies such as ETA and the like. Yet, a Rolex, a Cartier or a Breitling was first and foremost recognized by its look; despite sharing similar or base calibers. The more these watch companies invest in their own motors or individual calibers, the more that we can appreciate what’s on our wrist. I have close to 70 various watches motored by the ETA2824-2 caliber; yet,as much as I can appreciate its efficent performance, the more I desire the workings of other ETA calibers I own (even the ETA2846 that’s been terminated), as well as a few of my watches motored with their individual in-house movements. Yes, I also agree that WatchTime is probably the best and most informative watch magazines around. But, Mr. Joe Thompson’s article, “Buyer Beware”, left me in a fog. Perhaps if the article was written subsequent to an investigation we would know what sites to be cautious of and avoid. Yet, a watch site that’s developed an A+ reputation, as well as a loyal clientele has more to lose then gain by engaging in a disreputable transaction. I would truly hope that Mr. Thompson writes a follow up to that Buyer Beware article. It would put me, as well as many WatchTime readers in a better mind set in how we’re spending our money. Fondly, Charles Rizzuto

  2. Bill Wells.

    Hi, great mag, albeit one which caters to the top end of the watch market. Your current issue has an article on fake watches. Have you thought about why there are so many around? Possibly it has something to do with the over-inflated price of most quality watches today eg back in the 70’s I brought a new Rolex Oyster, manual wind, for under £40 from Watches of Switzerland in Cambridge.That was about an hours wages for a skilled worker then. What is the current price of a basic Rolex now? A lot more than an hours wages I know. Most but not all mid to high end watches have followed this pattern eg Omega but not all (Longines) so it has become increasing difficult for those on less than high incomes to get into the quality watch market. Wouldnt it be a breath of fresh air if one or two of the quality watch makers brought out ‘starter’ models so more people could get into the world of great time pieces. Wishful thinking I know but I live in hope.
    Great mag by the way but a pity it isnt available at any British book shops or news agents as far as I can see. Regards. Bill Wells (UK)

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