SlingShox for G-Shocks

p150Avid Casio G-Shock fans looking to upgrade their collection on the cheap are advised to check out a recently launched brand of G-Shock accessories known as SlingShox — a line of silicone skins that wrap around existing G-Shock models to give the watch a new look. The skins allow for customization of G-Shocks, greatly increasing the color options. Eighteen colors are currently available at, including white, black, metallic silver, metallic bronze, red, yellow, aqua blue, orange, grey, army green, and purple. Even more are on the way, including special custom editions with unique designs. The SlingShox fit on G-Shock models DW-6900, G-100, GA100 and GA110. Each SlingShox comes with a custom tool that allows the wearer to remove and replace the straps from the G-Shock bezel. The SlingShox strap has an opening on the back which fits the G-Shock bezel easily but still allows for complete and uninhibited use of the watch’s pusher controls. The price to add some variety to your collection? Only $25 each.

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