Monochrome Monday: 5 Watches We Hope to See From Rolex at Baselworld 2014

Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 116710 BLRO (Blue/Red)

Rolex GMT-Master II - Pepsi Cerachrom bezel

As already stated, the so-called “Pepsi” GMT-Master is still high on everyone’s wish list. Last year, Rolex introduced the blue/black GMT-Master II, which quickly gained the nickname “Batman GMT.” This year, we will hopefully see the “Pepsi GMT,” featuring the classical red/blue configuration, as seen on the GMT 1675 (you can see some very nice examples here). No technical or aesthetic changes, except for the new Cerachrom bezel in red and blue.


Rolex Sea-Dweller II Ref. 116600

Rolex Sea-Dweller II

When Rolex replaced the old Sea-Dweller 16600 with the humongous Deepsea, it didn’t cause that much of a stir. At first, most enthusiasts were perhaps a bit confused. However, a bit later, when they realized the beloved Sea-Dweller was discontinued, disappointment took over. Many Rolex enthusiasts would love to see a renewed Sea-Dweller that holds the middle ground between the Submariner 116610 and the Deepsea.

Let’s imagine a 40-mm Submariner case, with a ceramic bezel, no magnifier on the date, a helium escape valve on the left side and a depth rating of 1,200 meters (or 4,000 feet). That would be more than enough, and it would beat the Tudor Pelagos (thus ensuring that the old master would no longer be letting let the young Padawan lead). And please Rolex, no more engraved inner-rings like the one on the Deepsea!

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  1. Concur with Colin. Increase the diameter of your bezel; 44 to 48. Look at the Oyster Pertual DateJust ; the one with a Jubilee bracelet , gold and silver . The bezel is only 36mm. It is a classic. Should appear in DateJust 2 with a bigger bezel and in a jubilee strap.

  2. Would like to see some more 42mm cases. I bought the new Explorer 2 last year and the 42mm size is perfect. Either a GMT, Daytona, Sub or Seadweller in a 42mm would be great. Would love to see the “Pepsi” come back as well although that bracelet shows fingerprints from across the room.

  3. I would love to see more dials for the Datejust. I am quite puzzled as to why Rolex has so limited the number of dials fro choose from. They discontinue won of the most beautiful dials – the blue concentric. However, they don’t bother to replace it with another new design.

    Imagine being a Rolex guy like me who would spend the money on a new Datejust, but simply can’t because they don’t bother to reach out to their customers and ask.

    As much as I love my Rolex watches (I own five), I am afraid they will be in trouble if they don’t come out with some designs. Also, putting a new colour on the GMT II and then charging even more for it is not the answer. You fine gents in Geneva can do better than that!

    NOTE TO ROLEX – wasting your time with revamping Tudor is/was a gargantuan mistake. The Tudor line looks subpar and cheap and is an ugly line. DUMP IT NOW! Don’t dilute the Rolex name and image!

  4. These are all great proposals, frankly.
    Personnaly I would appreciate to find this new sea dweller with minutes’ index all around the bezel, and not only for the first quarter.
    I would also appreciate to see a GMT III with the month indicators of the sky dweller. This would be sober and would allow to have an annual calendar.
    And for all new Rolex, at last, an anti reflective coating.
    That’s all for my wish list :-)

  5. Bernard Caulfield

    On the face of it at least, the Rolex Sky Dweller appears an unfussy, if not understated timepiece. What then, gives the watch the crown of Rolex’s most complicated timepiece?

  6. Roadster

    I need them to make a 75mm Daytona so I can use it to dangle on my white gold necklace….yeahhh buoyy!!!…like flavour flave…lol

  7. S.E.Boyle

    Rolex! I understand most of the movement is made by Zenith? Look at the El Primo and Daytona, same watch? Different name.

  8. BadgerHeel

    Wow I’d jump all over that Daytona. I think it would create a huge stir.

  9. Rolex fanboys are at it again, ever amusing in their incredibly disproportionate worship of a brand whose highest distinction is perhaps the robustness of its timepieces.
    All for the better, we would’t want the zealotry and cash be thrown in the direction of actual watch makers, like say JLC.

  10. Colin Agar-Rea

    Please Mr Rolex can we have a 48 or 50mm case…Please..x

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