Corum Joins Forces With Vincent Calabrese

p150Vincent Calabrese, the man who created Corum‘s original Golden Bridge movement, has returned for a new partnership with the Swiss brand. Calabrese won awards at the 1977 Geneva International Inventors’ Show for his creation of the now-iconic baguette-shaped movement, with its linear gear trains, mounted within a transparent case and isolated in space without any visible connection. The first Golden Bridge watch came a few years later in 1980. Thirty years later, the movement is still an important component of Corum’s watch portfolio. In 2009, the Golden Bridge movement was updated with a contemporary version, the Ti-Bridge, and 2010 saw the release of first Golden Bridge tourbillon movement. An automatic version followed in 2011.

Under the partnership, Calabrese will serve as spokesperson for the Golden Bridge and will also contribute his creative ideas to Corum’s movement research & revelopment department, headed by Laurent Besse.

“The Golden Bridge is an emblematic model for the brand and a fundamental pillar of our collection,” said Corum CEO Antonio Calce. “This is an incredible opportunity to renew ties with the inventor of an idea that enabled Corum to create and develop this iconic movement, which continues to appeal to devotees and connoisseurs of fine watchmaking over 30 years after its creation.”


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