Baselworld 2014: Live Images of Patek’s New Booth


2013 saw the debut of the newly remodeled Hall 1 at Baselworld, as well as new booths for most of the brands. So everyone noticed when Patek Philippe did not update their booth. The reason soon became clear – they were saving the new booth for this year, which marks the brand’s 175th birthday. Today is press day at Baselworld, and we have some quick live images of Patek’s new Baselworld HQ.  


Patek worked with Italian architect Ottavio Di Blasi to create a design that provides both an expanded and improved working environment and aesthetics that embody the brand’s core values. For example, Patek says the glass outer shell represents its transparency and open communication with the world. The shell consists of 117 glass elements weighing 70 tons assembled on a structure made of 125 tons of steel. The glass surface measures some 600 square meters.


The central structure is made of 400 square meters of backlit Corian. In addition, 5 kilometers of LED strips illuminate this construction, transforming it into a gigantic pavilion of white light.


The new space is 630 square meters larger than the previous booth, which was constructed in 1999. The larger space accommodates 16 outward facing showcases, a dozen sales rooms, several conference and meeting rooms, kitchens, a bar and a restaurant, as well as technical and storage space.


The showcases present of all the Patek Philippe collections for the public to see – 191 timepieces in total, including a special focus on new watches. The showcase dedicated to movements presents 50 different calibers with detailed information on screen. Inside, and area of 35 square meters is dedicated to Patek Philippe’s rare handcrafts.


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