ArtyA’s Winter Snowflakes

p150ArtyA has released the Winter Snowflakes collection, a group of four watches, each one a unique piece, set with precious stones. Like ArtyA’s Werewolf, which was “forged under a full moon,” these, too, have an interesting story. ArtyA claims their cases were “struck by lightning,” creating cracks in the steel, which were then filled in with precious stones. The Blue Sapphire Set has 558 sapphires, placed by hand in Geneva, and a matching blue, fish-scale leather strap, while the Yellow Sapphire Set has 314 yellow sapphires and a gray satin bracelet. The third piece, the Full Diamonds Set, features 725 diamonds and a white leather strap. Each watch is powered by a quartz movement and has a 38-mm case with a 50 m water resistance.

ArtyA’s Blue Sapphire Set, featuring 558 blue sapphires.
Yellow Sapphire Set, featuring 314 yellow sapphires.
Full Diamonds Set, with 725 diamonds set throughout the case.

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