Arnold & Son’s HMS Victory Set

150With it’s latest watch collection, Arnold & Son is honoring the HMS Victory, a ship famous for participating in the American War of Independence, the French Revolutionary War, and the Napoleonic wars.  The HMS Victory Set from Arnold & Son presents three different views of the vessel, each traditionally hand-chased by Arnold & Son’s master engraver.

This isn’t the brand’s first timepiece inspired by the British navy. The brand also released a watch named the HMS1 as an homage to 18th-century watchmaker John Arnold’s history as a supplier of marine chronometers to the British Royal Navy. Watch brand Bremont also released a limited edition Victory watch made with original parts from the HMS Victory.

Arnold & Son’s master engraver created the HMS Victory Set dials, which are then duplicated in silver for the series. Hand-engraving is a traditional art form that involves the use of hardened steel tools called burins in combination with other special tools. These create cuts, lines, and texturing that build up entire images of the HMS Victory. The scenes in the HMS Victory Set show three different views of the vessel: the first shows the ship bathed in shafts of sunlight; the second shows the ship with guns firing; and the third, an interior of the ship, shows one of the gun decks.

All three models in the HMS Victory Set are powered by the A&S1001 caliber with haute horlogerie finishing. The HMS Victory timepieces will first be available in an exclusive limited edition of just 28 sets, each consisting of the three timepieces. The watch with the scene entitled ‘‘HMS Victory – Where the battle was won: one of the cannons deck on HMS Victory’’ will only be available as part of the set.


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